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ok I get that Kai and Krystal dating is sad but I'm happy for them then I heard they went on vacation and they were together and got In a hottub and kissed 😢😱 I know shocking but really saying all this to Kai is a little way to much it's sad but really going that far it's just...wow I can't believe you call yourself an exo-l just because this happened comment below and tell me what you think
sry if it's bad
@taetaebaozi I get it. why cant we just like the music and the person? why add drama ya know?
@taetaebaozi they basically spread spread rumors all for the sake of money and attention
BRUH I know it hurts and it breaks or heart because it's not us. But let's be realistic here. Plus if he's happy we should support them show them that we truly are happy he's happy (they're both happy) don't just hate because it's not you. How would you feel if you were in his place and your so called "fans" we're trashing your relationship because they don't "approve" of it. What would you do then? Huh? So stop bitching and let them be happy if it works out it works out if it doesn't it doesn't but you don't gotta be sending negative vibes.
you know I always thought taemin and Krystal would get together one day XP kai is close enough to look like taemin though sooo I was somewhat right lol
Some people have serious issues and I wish they would just let that poor boy live his life.
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