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Day 1: [{(Sam or Dean?)}] Tis Dean I choose. I assimilate with both Dean's optimistic and cynical side, though he sometimes is worse off than others (when he becomes an angsty thirty-something). ╭ ( ̄︶ ̄)ψ
Day 2: [{(Favorite episode)}] My favorite episode has to be "Mystery Spot" simply because my screwed-up side liked watching Sam become annoyed with the deaths and eventually projected his annoyance onto Dean.
Day 3: [{(Favorite season)}] There has to be no favorite season for me because they all blended together. Also, this is close to Naturalism (where situations continue to get darker, but this isn't a written story). I do have a favorite arc, and that would be when they were at least able to avenge their parents because it's one happy ending they were able to achieve.
Day 4: [{(Favorite male character (besides Sam or Dean))}] There are so many good characters! Since he did feel like family, somehow even to me because I have a relative with a similar demeanor, I HAVE to go with Bobby. Nothing warms my heart than seeing that bumpkin kick some paranormal touche!
Thank you for participating :)
Good explanation!
I would absolutely follow Dean! I like Sam too but Dean has that edge I like.