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Ch. 20
You finally reach L.A.X. and you find someone holding a card with your name on it. You walk over to them and introduce yourself. They take your bags to the car and drive you to your hotel. You text your friends to let them know you arrived safely. You plop yourself down on the bed. Jetlag is a killer even though you slept on the plane it’s still nerve wracking for you.
The next day your refreshed and well rested and ready to take on the day. The man that met you yesterday at the airport picks you up again he will be driving you around all week. The driver lets you know you will be in San Francisco today and it was going to be a long drive and to just sit back and relax. You thought your first shoot was in L.A. but you were wrong. You were just glad you didn’t have much so you brought your luggage with you anyway. You sit back in the seat, put your headphones on and go to sleep.
Your woken up by the driver letting you know you’re in San Francisco. You have pulled up to another hotel. After checking in and getting everything ready for tomorrow’s shoot you check your phone and you only messages from Kristie and Tae. Nothing from Kibum yet, it was starting to get old looking and waiting for something from him. You checked the mini bar in your room and found a few bottles of liquor and decided to have a couple of drinks.
The next day you’re ready to go and your driver takes you to the first location which happens to be the Golden Gate Bridge. You’ve seen it in movies and to actually be seeing it up close and personal was breath taking.
You’ve set your equipment up and you let the manager’s know you’re ready for the idol. The next time you look up you see who your photographing. You freeze in your spot looking at him. You couldn’t believe that after all this time you’re the one who’s doing his photo shoot. The manager and Key come towards you. You clear your throat and bow. Key looks at you with a smile, you have to remember to be professional since no one knows you two know each other.
“Hello I’m Key, please take care of me.” Key holds out his hand for a handshake and you accept and nod. Feeling your hand in his made you miss him and want to hug and kiss him right there screw the consequences, but you refrain yourself.
“Okay, let’s start over here.” You lead Key to his position and it doesn’t take long with the shoot because he’s a professional. Before you know it the shoot is over.
“Thank you.” You say bowing towards Key. Key does the same and walks away without any words. Later the manager comes over to you and asks you to take some random pictures for Key. You nod your head in response and follow the manager. You see Kibum standing around talking to the staff and all you wanted was to talk to him. Behind you there are some staff members and they start singing happy birthday to Key and one brings a cake and hands it to him. You take a few pictures with the manager’s phone, or what you thought was the manager’s phone but it was Kibum’s. You close out the camera and notice Kibum’s home screen. It’s a picture of you, it’s an old picture though of the two of you. It was taken at the place you first met up again.
You run your thumb across his face on the picture. “This is how close I’ll be able to get to touching him at this point.” You thought to yourself. You snap out of it and hit the button to lock the phone and just for giggles you re-click it to see what the lock screen was and your eyes grow big when you realize it was a recent picture of just you. It was taken the night when you were at the bar. You had forgotten that Tae and Kristie were taking pictures all over the place. You wondered why he had one. You look up to find Kibum standing in front of you.
“I believe that’s my phone. May I have it back.” Key asks. You nod your head and quickly hand it back to him.
“It was nice working with you. Thank you. Goodbye.” You say to Key as you turn around and walk away quickly.
The rest of the week goes quickly and smoothly, your very professional even though your taking pictures of the man you’re in love with. You didn’t have any other communication outside of the shoot. You had hoped he would have contacted you at least once so you could talk but he just wasn’t giving you the cold shoulder he was completely ignoring you and it hurt.
Once back in Seoul, you work on the photo shoot pictures quickly and hand them over to your boss.
“Great job Y/N as always.” He says, you nod and ask for the rest of the day off. Your boss says okay. You find yourself walking along the park where your favorite place is. No one is sitting on the bench so you go over to lay down.
Your laying down with your arm over your eyes, thinking about your recent trip and Kibum. When all of a sudden you don’t feel the sun’s warmth on your skin and it appeared to get darker. You remove your arm from your eyes to see a pair of cat like eyes staring back at you behind a mask. Your eyes grow wide as you recognized those eyes anywhere it was Kibum!
“What are you doing here?” You ask siting yourself up. Key walks around and sits next to you.
“Well, I finally got a break from my schedules, and I remember this is a special place especially today.” Key replied. You thought for a moment confused but then it hits. The anniversary of your parent’s death was today. You always came here it was where you heard the news about your parents, it was a sad place and also a happy place at the same time for you. Because you were checking out school’s in Seoul and you found one, and it was the same place you found Kibum again later.
“What took you so long to contact me, why didn’t you talk to me in California?” you ask Key. Key takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.
“I didn’t contact you because I was super busy with my schedules. I was the one who asked for you to be the photographer in California.” Key replies.
You were about to open your mouth, but Key wasn’t finished.
“Y/N, I have a confession. When I was in that accident, I couldn’t remember you. I tried to when we were together I thought that might trigger something but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped. So I left.” Key looks at your face looking for a reaction, but he didn’t get one. Key sighs and continues.
“So I went to Kristie and told her and she helped me fill in the important parts I was missing. I kept tabs on how you were doing with Kristie and Tae. And asked them to just say hi from me if you ever asked about me and tell you I’m fine.” Key takes a breath. Your just looking at him not sure what to say.
“Do you think it would matter to me if you forgotten me?” you ask. “Honestly Kibum, I could have helped you remember, more importantly we could have worked on making new memories. Why did you let that bother you so much.” You ask. Having Kibum worry over the littlest thing was kind of his bad habit. You understood that. Key just shrugged his shoulders.
“Y/N, I wanted to hug you so bad every day we spent doing that shoot. I wanted to just take you and run.” Key explained how much he missed you and hated that he couldn’t spend personal time with you.
You noticed something warm running down your face. Tears you quickly wipe away you didn’t want Kibum to see them. But he did, and places his hand on your face and wipes them away.
“Well, I’ve thought about what you said last time, I think we’ve had enough time Kibum. I want you more than anything else. I can’t be without you it was too painful. I like Tae, I even love him but not like a man more like a brother. I told him this and he accepted my feelings.” You explain. Key looks at you and all you can do is stare into his beautiful eyes.
“I know, Tae told me, he wasn’t happy about your choice, but I knew then that I needed you. And he said if I ever break your heart that he will repair it and make sure you forget about me.” Key explains.
Both of you face each other and Key places his hands on your face smiling he leans in to kiss you passionately. You wrap your arms around him and Key wraps his arms around you both of you pulling each other closer and hugging each other tightly.
Key breaks the kiss and looks you in the eyes. “I love you Y/N. I will always love you stay by my side.” You smile at Kibum.
“I’m with you.” You reply. Key smiles and hugs you tight knowing those three little words mean the world to the both of you.
This was my first story I've posted on here. I hope everyone who read it enjoyed it. Thank you for reading it.
I found this right as you finished it, good timing for me, I didn't have to wait. 😃 Fun story, it was sweet, thanks for sharing.
Aww so happy they found their way back to each other!! Loved reading this!💖💖
Yes!!!! I got it right!!!! Love the ending!