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Late last week, Bernie Sanders visited NYC hip-hop radio station Hot 97.
After Sanders was shown wearing a set of headphones at the station, people couldn't help but share what they imagined he was listening (or rapping) to.
Over the course of this campaign, Bernie has gained a lot of traction in the hip-hop community due to his extensive civil rights movement background and his ability to relate to people in the urban community.
While I can't envision Bernie listening to Young Thug or Fetty Wap, I don't think it would be far fetched to think that Bernie hasn't listen to The Beastie Boys or Run DMC in his day.

If you were to guess one hip-hop artist that Bernie Sanders listens to, who would it be and why?

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Tyler the Creator fosho
Zico or any underground korean rapper
anyone listen to Zenpaku? that guy's tough
the dude's got his own single rapping to a patriotic song. so that.
lil Wayne cause they both wheezy