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Your Karaoke Kitty tries three more times to get his “picture”.
The tour ends and you are walking away from the zebra bus. He is murmuring to himself again about ‘out of focus’, ‘not a good angle’. You roll your eyes and shake your head at him. At his last pathetic, ‘man’, you grab his phone away from him.
“Excuse me, would you mind taking our picture?”
The nice lady agrees as you step back next to Jiho.
“Let me know when you’re ready,” you say to her.
“Okay, you’re in focus.”
That is all you need as you turn to Jiho, grab him by the face and bring his lips to yours. You can hear the little old lady laughing and then her ‘ahem’ as Jiho takes the kiss over. You pull back, give her a smile and thank you.
You turn back to Jiho, present him with his phone and a smirk; “Mission accomplished.”
He stands there with a smile and his arms in the air like he won a prize; then he notices you're walking away.
“Wait!” He yells as he shoves his camera in his pocket, runs up to you and takes your hand.
As it starts getting dark you wonder when he’ll call the day to an end. You don’t want it to be over, you haven’t had this much fun or felt this comfortable since you arrived in South Korea.
As if reading your mind he turns to you, “Want to stay until the fireworks?”
Your eyes light up; “Fireworks? That would be amazing.”
He agrees, “Let’s go find something to feed you.”
After dinner he checks his watch and heads over to the line for the T-Express. “If we don’t get in line now we won’t get on the ride in time.”
He watches you eye the sky ride, “See the nets? Even if you fall out, which I won’t let happen, the nets won’t let you get hurt.”
You still look up at it skeptically. He leans over and gives you a squeeze, “Trust me.” You take a deep breath and just nod.
The ride was just a large 5 person ski lift. He gives you the end so that you feel safer, and proceeds to wrap himself around you. Midway through the ride it stops; you look over at him a little worried but he just smiles, “Watch.”
In amazement you watch the fireworks start, as if you are actually up in the middle of them. You have never seen anything so beautiful or breathtaking. Seeing your smile he pulls you closer, rests his head on top of yours.
The ride restarts when the fireworks end. As the ride comes to an end, he turns to look at you, “Can I see you home or are you meeting your friends?”
“I have no idea where my friends are. I’d love to have you take me.”
He tucks your arm in his and heads out to the front of the park to find a cab.
he thinks he's slick lol but she cought on quick I love it and all the flirting doe 😉😉😄😄😂😁😁
Aww that kiss tho! Soon cute lol 😉
so cutee
I could so be his Kitten loving it!
awe omg