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I will stand by Nini even though I'm not a fan of Krystal if she makes him happy then I'm glad he is happy and as found someone he can love. He still love EXO-Ls to there is room in his heart for both. And I refuse to have anyone bash him Nini is our baby bear and you know what happens when you mess with baby bears mama bear gets piss and I will protect him to the best I can I hope other EXO-Ls will do the same and please don't bash Krystal either I may not even like her but I will not stand and watch stupid people bash Ninis love remember I'm a mama bear. I am also disappointed in how Some EXO-Ls are acting about it he is fucking human too back off if you where true fans you would support your bias no matter what. I haven't really said anything about the matter until now because yes I was upset but that doesn't mean I stopped loving him as long as he is happy then I happy and so should you. And yes I still ship kaisoo why because Soo will always protect nini and they have a beautiful friendship I wish to have friends like that. 😭💕🐻🐻
thank you for being a supportive fan. I'm getting so angry with all this hate against him
Of course I would it's still our cute Nini he is not going to love us less. And I hate that everyone puts idols up high like they are gods that can't have normal lives or make mistakes I'm being a idol is just their job like everyone else. All the fans Hagen just need to chill
@LeannePratt exactly let the man be happy. he deserves happiness and if they were true fans then they'd want that for him