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I listen to them yet I've never made a card for them... >< Here ya go, Inner Circle ♡

** some of these are actually more awkward than bad * REMINDER: mostly accidental but have some fun with it! (:

1. He kept stepping on your heel as he walked behind you.

2. He stuck a "kick me" sign on you while you passed by him.

3. He took your chair in a restaurant when you were about to sit down.

You fell & spilled your food :(

4. He was driving by and splashed you with water.

5. He stole your wallet!

6. You were walking on a crowded sidewalk when you swung your hand into his crotch O.O

7. He saw the sign and kicked you in the butt.

8. Someone dared him to pants someone. He pantsed you!

9. He coughed on you on the bus ride home. Repeatedly.

10. You turned the street corner before he could get your number :(

Yup. Hope you enjoyed a little ^^

Tag me in your results if you make a card! ♡

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