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You are the reason For me to breathe Even though you give me Reasons to seethe You are the reason For me to enjoy For you will always be My naughty little boy You’ll be my favorite No matter what Because I’ll always Love you a lot
Your ultimate bias and why
As you can see above, this is my smol son Vernon.
He is my ultimate bias in Seventeen.
He is also my #2 ultimate bias of all time.
Your ultimate bias and why
This is him being cute.
Look at him.
He is absolutely adorable.
It's photos like this that make me want to protect him from the world.
Your ultimate bias and why
This is him being a little shit.
Ugh, please don't.
He is practically a fetus.
It's stuff like this that make me want put him in time out.
Your ultimate bias and why
This is him performing.
Applaud him.
He is doing what he loves.
It makes me want to give him the world.
Your ultimate bias and why
So, you want to know why he's my bias.
I'll tell you.
Vernon is a very talented human being. He's serious about his career and determined to be great. He pushes through everything and when he falls he bounces back up gracefully.
On top of that, he's a really down to earth human being. He loves his family and he cares about his friends. He's also a devoted follower of his faith.
(I mean seriously, he took the Bible with him... I am so.)
Overall all, these are the qualities I would want my child to have.
Honestly, I could write I lot more about why he's my bias but I don't think it's really necessary. Because, when it comes down to it.
The main reason that Vernon is my bias, is because he's real. I mean, I know that all of them are real. But to me, with Vernon he takes it a step further. You can really see it in the way he raps.
(Here you see me contradict myself by writing more.)
And his growth over the time impresses me to the fullest. Like, I can see him doing great things in the future. Being 10x better than he is now.

I just love Vernon, okay. Plain and simple.

He is precious to me and I will protect him from the haters.

I will try my best with posting this. Though no promises. I have school and homework... So yeah! :)
Bias-Vernon Reason - do ya really need one. look at the boy. that's reason enough