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So @SarangRavi made this difficult game that made me question my life, And my bias list and where I'm going in my KPOP life. The answer is the looney bin!!!!! Thanks @Sammie99522 for the tag your list seemed well put together, where It took me too long..... If you know, me then you know how this will go. If you don't know me... welcome to the interesting entertaining mind of Elle. Rules: step 1. Make a list of your Top 5 Biases (They Must be in Order) Ultimate Bias First. step 2. Answer the Following Questions. Questions: Q1. How did He/she make it into your top 5? Q2. what is your Favorite thing about His/Her Personality? Q3. What is your Favorite thing about His/her Physical appearance? Q4. was it Love at first Sight? Q5. What was your First impression of him/her?

1. T.O.P

He has really never moved from that spot. Q1. Because he is T.O.P like what else do you need. Q2. My favorite thing about his personality is that he is a mature 5 year old. Lol no really he is. Q3. My favorite thing about his physical appearance are his eyes and his eyebrows. You could legitimately cover everything but that and still have a conversation with me. SN: His neck too. Q4. NO!!!! it was NOT love at first sight (Sorry Tabi) Okay so I originally thought Taeyang was everything and then one day he wasn't. Enter T.O.P. Q5. My first thought about him "What exactly is your purpose?" (Sorry Tabi)

2. Sehun

Help me....... please Q1. So he ended up on this list because he barged in, knocked Chanyeol down and then wouldn't let me help him up. So rude. Q2. My favorite thing about his personality is his self awareness, what others call his sassy. He know what he does and doesn't like and he will tell you about it. Q3. My favorite thing about his physical appearance is..... is....... is........ his neck. Yes I have a thing for necks. Long, symmetrical necks. Don't judge me... but if you want me to be safe his freckles. *whispers* his neck. Q4. No it wasn't love at first sight. He had the original image of a spoiled brat that whined to get his way. I was 100% into Chanyeol and then stuff happened and as my daughter @josalynnstyles said "Sehun pushed Chanyeol of the cliff." Q5. My first impression of him was you spoiled brat, you need a serious time out.

3. N a.k.a. Hakyeon a.k.a ChaLeader

Body Rolls for days 1. How did he end up there? I fought the losing battle with VIXX and lost. I watched Eternity one to many times. His body rolls and Ravi's body rolls. And N's voice....I had to lay down and admit defeat. 2. I like the dedication part of his personality. No matter what he does he works hard and gets it done. Including harassing Leo. 3. My favorite thing about his appearance is his neck. Sorry y'all it's that thing again. It's like THE perfect neck.....and then his complexion just......Ice Cream.....dang it! 4. YES!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!! he had my eye from moment one. but then........ Ravi I request that you have several seats and come down off of the Mack Truck seat. I don't need need to be smacked again with feels. (see my Sehun Experience above) 5. My first impression was Who are you? And why aren't you everywhere?

4. Rap Monster not Dance Monster

Q1. So you know that game "Don't push the button"? Well....I pushed it.....and well, I ran in him face first. Q2. What I like about his personality is his ability to take nothing too seriously. Q3. I bet your guys are like she's gonna say his dimples, watch. NO! Don't get me wrong I like them, but not more than his lips. Haha gotcha. Q4. I guess it was love at first sight. I had to get past the initial shock of BTS as a unit. When that wore off I could clearly see Nam Joon. Q5. My first impression was You're the leader? And people have to folllow you. Please help them all.

5. Eric of Shinwha

Q1. Ummm I saw him years ago and then I fell off and then I came and he was waiting there like "Hello there...Welcome Back." Q2. What I like about his personality is his caring and loving side. He is the leader but he still always has time for hugs. Q3. My favorite physical appearance is his Smile which includes his eyes because he smiles with those too. Just his face period. I like his face!! Q4. Yes it was love at first sight. He carried himself differently and his height helped too. Q5. My first impression was hmmmm..... this won't end well.
TO THE ONES THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT I STILL LOVE YOU LOL I hope you guys enjoyed this mess of my Kpop life.
Taghing the best girls in the world my Squad my Thunder Buddies: @twistedpuppy @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @JaiiPanda @EliseB @Dianabell @Isolate @sarabear1021 @Lexxcisco @jessicaacosta90 @ScarletMermaid @narutobandgeek @Nadinerzz @NasiaWright @Helixx @CreeTheOtaku @ChubbyDumpling @CuteBabyLay @isabellaelliott My Little ones who DEFINITELY suffered in the making of this card: @josalynnstyles @leab259 and the troublemakers who started it: @sammie99522 @SarangRavi
@ElleHolley I'm gonna be in pain for this! gotta think for a bit
@ElleHolley I believe it!
@jessicaacosta90 @KhrystinaLee the pain and horror I inflicted on myself was unnatural lol
oh man, Elle, you now have me questioning myself....we'll see if I have the strength to do this when I get home. there may not be enough brain power.
I don't think I can do this! 😭😭😭😭
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