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I clearly have nothing better to do this evening because I'm searching up heatless hairstyles to try tonight. Who's with me?

Alien Buns = Voluminous Waves

Not sure if you guys tried this trick before but twisting your hair into alien buns can give your hair a voluminous makeover. Check out this tutorial from Pantene!
Of course, you have to use a detangling spray or conditioner to prep the hair and keep the curls from looking like disaster in the morning when you do release the buns.

Paper Bag = Gorgeous Locks

Here's a low effort, budget-friendly version of gorgeous locks. Perfect for those with extremely straight hair and want that extra oomph!

Remember to piece the curls out in the morning by gently running your hand through your hair.

Mist on holding spray and say hello to your new sexy, heatless, bed hair!
@ hikaymm That's a neat trick especially if you're in a time crunch! I'll keep that in mind! Although I prefer air drying.
I used to do the alien buns in high school, or I would braid my ahir into small braids and then braid those briads into bigger braids! Depending on the size of the smaller braids I could get different sized waves! Best done when wet and then hitting it with a blow dryer in the morning to set things before undoing!!!