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{ http://time.com/4264746/2016-time-100-poll/vote/15/?xid=time-100-poll-2016 } We managed to bring Bernie Sanders down, from 5% to 3.5% If you vote DONT FORGET! Vote NO for those around BIGBANG to make them go down and BIGBANG go up! [If you click "view leaderboard" you can then click the names of those peolple so you dont have to click through everyone else.] Tell everyone you know spread it on all social media you can! We just need 0.6% more to be ahead of Bernie and be #1! COMMENT YOUR TAG LISTS BELOW TO GET MORE PEOPLE It is ending soon so please hurry hurry hurry! Vote over and over agin if you have to just help us get them to the top! Show your love for BIGBANG! Even if you're not a fan of BIGBANG help get more knowledge of kpop to people! You love kpop right?! Dont yoy wamt people to see the amazingness that is kpop! TIME Magazine thought BIGBANG was good enough!!
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Yes I realize I posted this in more than just k-pop community but deal with it we need as many votes as possible!!