1 is jungkook he is so good looking and so good at singing, dancing, and rapping
2 is kihyun he is so cute and so good at singing
3 is Eunwoo because he is so good at math and so good at dancing, acting, and singing
4 seungyeon because of his rap and good looks
5 is beakhyun because he is so good at singing and make so much good songs too
6 is Hyungwon (no comment on this one)
7 is youngjae because his voice
8 is V because he is so good at singing really low
9 is Joshua because of his cute smile
10 is zico because he is good at rapping and his good looks
11 is Minhyuk (no comment too)
12 is hoshi because of his dancing
thank you @Vay754 for inspire me for making this card!
all Ik is I have so many if these, but everytime I see monsta x, minhyuk and IM kill me😂😂
Love it! All them men are amazing. Love my kookie to pieces! Kihyun is an amazing singer. Imma tag you in my fav vid/singing part of his. Made me cry!