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Giants fans, we start the 2016 season with a huge W!

MadBum wasn't at his best (he has a serious cold), but pitched a solid five innings to get the win. But if our starting pitcher isn't on top of his game, what does the rest of the team do? Hit four homeruns to beat the Brewers 12-3!
Matt Duffy started off the season with the first home run for the Giants but that was just the beginning. Our newest addition, Denard Span started off with a three run shot and Joe Panik and Buster Posey followed suit with a solo shot to complete the back-to-back-to-back!
What are your thoughts about the first game of the season? Comment away in the comments section below!
i told y'all about span...
Even year magic is real.....
I also just want to mention Bochy's brilliance once more. Putting MadBum in the eighth spot gave us another leadoff hitter with Pagan.
@edwinthepenguin Already in love with him haha
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