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Harper goes deep in his first-at-bat of the 2016 season!

Does this home run mark the beginning of another MVP-worthy season for Harper? Also, this home run was his fourth career Opening Day home run. Let's not forget that he made his Major League debut in 2012.

Although Harper has been criticized for his outlandish behavior on the field, I am actually on Harper's side. The game needs to change and we need more players like Ortiz, Bautista, and Harper to make it more exciting.

And Harper said it perfectly with this Trump-esque cap today after the game.


Baseball fans, do you see Harper winning another MVP? Also, is he the player to "Make Baseball Fun Again"?

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Baseball can def be a bit more loose though.....way too uptight.
Incredible HR. But I wouldn't rank it above the Giants' back-to-back-to-back today.
Well he needs to earn the respect of the players around him first. Great player for sure, but I don't think he is as symbolic as Ortiz just yet.
@DucktheFodgers @DavidGom Great points but we need more young players to join the movement and I think Harper has earned that leading role