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I can't blame anyone who loves McDonalds, in particular the Big Mac sandwich. They leave you full and the secret sauce on the sandwiches are amazing.
I once thought you could never have enough Big Mac sandwiches, until I heard of the Triple Sized Big Mac. McDonald’s Latest Abomination Is A Triple-Sized Big Mac In Japan. The “Giga Big Mac” holds four beef patties instead of two. The burger is also taller and wider than normal.
No pricepoint has been delivered on the item yet, but from the description of the size of this sandwich, it may cost a pretty penny.

What would you pay for a Triple Big Mac?

@RaquelArredondo haha I thought the same thing. In-n-Out. *sigh* I need to go eat something. @christianmordi is killing me with food posts. :P
Oh my! And I thought that I have seen it all in the world hahah no but this is just madness in a box! Reminds me of a 4 by 4 from In-n-Out (a popular fast food restaurant here in California).