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Ayyyyyyeeeee a lot going on Ready for Pt.3 I guess you are ;) If you're new to the game here the links for the other parts 》》》》||||γ€Šγ€Šγ€Šγ€Š Pt.1 Pt.2 LEEEEEETTTTT GOOOOOOOOOO Enjooooyyyyyy ~ ~ ~ β™‘ β™‘
26. The next day, you wake up to see a letter on your desk, which is written by: ~It tells you to go to the park near the school, where you will also see one of them waiting for you~
27. you hesitate, but you decide to meet with them, not knowing the reason. You get yourself washed up and ready. When you arrive, you see him waiting by a tree ~"Hello Y/N! we have to meet with the other guys shortly. They're waiting in different locations, so we have to hurry up!" He then drags you into a van before heading to the next location. Questioning the situation, you ask why they wanted you to meet with them if only he was waiting. "Let's just say it's more fun to look for the other members!" He says as he smiles.~
28. The first location is the cute little cafΓ© near the school, where you planned to visit today before meeting up with the boys. You enter and find him sitting down at a booth near the pastries: ~Before heading back to the car, M/N buys some donuts and a few cookies for you and the rest of the guys.~
29. While heading to the flower shop,(Second guy) offers you a cookie. ~"Would you like it?" You shyly took the cookie and thanked him, But the(First guy) steals it instead. Seeing that there are no more cookies, he give you a donut.~
30. After picking up the rest of them, your final destination is a beach. This guy wakes you up by shaking your shoulder, but he failed so he pokes your face until you wake up so that they can head to the beach.~
31. Not wearing the proper clothing for the beach this guy carries you into the water ~Since your clothes are now wet, and you have no other clothes, you force yourself to cover yourself with a towel.~ (OPPS WHO WAS THAT TROUBLE MAKE XD)
32. While changing this guy accidentally walk in: ~He panic and leaves immediately after walking in on you changing. "what happened?" (Member of your choice) asks M/N. "N-Nothing! I'm completely fine..." The boys don't believe him and shake the truth out of him. "Fine! I walked in on her changing okay?! It was an-" "Oh my god dude you walked in on her?!"(Member of your choice) says with wide eyes. "you idiot! Now she'll think you're a pervert!".~
33. This guy gives you his jumper to cover yourself ~After changing into M/N jumper, you walk out to find (Member of your choice) sitting down on a rock while watching the test playing with the water.~
34. Sitting down next to M/N, he gets surprised and jumps in surprise, causing this guy to laugh
35. After the others finished playing around, you all gather around a campfire. You sit between these two (screenshot twice) ~They start to sing random songs while (Member of your choice) fails to play the guitar.~
36. This guy does a weird dance around the campfire
37. Before heading back, this guy suggest to go to the convenience store to buy some snacks on the way back
38. After you buy snack and get into the car you sit between these two ( screenshot twice ) ~You and (seat partner. choose one of them) fall asleep on your shoulder, then the other gets jelous so he starts to push the first guy ,and they two started to fight. At the end, the two ended up sleeping on each of your shoulders.~
39. A bright light wakes you up, and you felt your shoulders were sore. "Crap!" this guy says in frustration ~"What's going on? Why are we on the side of the road?!" You ask in panic mode~
40. "We're out of gas." This guy says in an upset tone: ~"WHAAAAT?!!" You and (the two who were sleeping on you shoulders) started to freak out.~
What stuck in the middle of nowhere WHAT!!!!!!! ;) I guess you have to wait XD *MWAAHAHAHAHAH* Ok So as always my Monbebe's let me know your results PLZ OK-SU? Also if u babe's wanna me tagged to my Monbebe List let me know. Love love love love love β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ - Peace in cheese- . . . . Monbebe Member's: @JohnEvans@MissyKim @Starbell808 @HerosBells @StefaniTre @ortizwendy17 @ekahjw @MelissaGarza @Kyokeo @JessicaEvaristo @LizaNightshade @ciabri22 @amberg171997 @Kayto4 @KierstinAndrews @P1B2Bear @CrystalGuerra @Bwolfgirl @swarrier16 @Insfired @NekoYoongi @michievip @TerraToyaSi @JaxomB @punkpandabear @PrettieeEmm @twistedPuppy @MryMrgn4578 @kpowell @ZionPerezFowler @CrystalBlunt @staceyholley @IsoldaPazo Tagging my Vingle Fam list : @destiny1419 @nnatalieg @4dalientae @AimeeH @VeronicaArtino @StephanieDuong @Zyxzj @PrettieeEmm @SerenityThao @Sailynn @Ercurrent @katiems @AlexisRiver @AaliyahNewbell @krin @ninjamidori @CreeTheOtaku @ToppDogg @Starbell808 @BelencitaGarcia @Dabaesaplayer @VKookie47 @JinsPrincess86 @Emilykitetenjo @moonchild03 @CristinReynolds @Tania538 @BBxGD @shadowCYRMBBCL @nnatalieg @KristinaCaron @VIPFreak2NE1 @BessanMerab @JaxomB @dlphn100grl @Journ505 @luna1171 @Defy24601 @LemonLassie @Izab3lla @CallMeMsDragon @JessicaSchnipke @KeziahWright @Journ505 @RedChord @JohnEvans @kpopandkimchi @Jiyongixoxo @lovetop @Sammie99522 @bbyitskatie @EmilyPeacock @Namjoonsbutt @nenegrint14 @TiffanyBibian @JaeneashaJones @Choijiah @mariadelzam @TheEnlightment @lennykpop @CosmicCassidy @LexiMintkgtopty @Manxwolf @CloeySuess @immabanana @ESwee @lashonda0917 @AlenaSegura @IWuvKpop @LizaNightshade @chelle1971 @KatieShiminski @LilianaGD @JaxomB @immabanana9
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oh part three?!? working on right now probably up tomorrow