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In regards to milk, one of the clever catch phrases about the product is "that milk does a body good."
So when reports dropped in December that claimed chocolate milk could enhance athletic performance and even help improve concussion symptoms, no one really went against the grain on the study. I mean, milk is supposed to be really good for you right?
Sadly, new information released today that puts that claim to an end, as it milk may not be able to combat concussions after all.
A press release from the University of Maryland in December that cited a specific chocolate milk brand being able to aid in high school football players improving their cognitive functions if consumed after suffering concussion related symptoms.
The university disavowed the study on Friday (imagine that) citing “a range of problems uncovered by an internal investigation.”
I know this one was a stretch when I heard the initial release awhile back, but I was rooting for this one to be true. It sucks to see that we are still struggling in this battle against concussions, but I'm confident we will be able to find some clarity on this issue soon.
I just drink chocolate milk for the taste, didn't know ppl drink it for other reasons....
...I did a presentation about milk for school once and found out that it is really not that great for us. Think about it, we are the only creatures on the planet who continue to drink milk after being weaned from our mothers - and then the milk we are drinking is not even from our own species! It is really not a good thing at all...Having said that - I love chocolate milk...and ice cream...and yogurt... and cheese!
Concussions are serious so the thought of milk, overall, helping is quite reasonable. Hopefully there is a day when concussions stop being a huge problem.
Chocolate milk does help with recovery.....but definitely not with concussions!