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So little time so many amazing bands, right? Well, make a few minutes for another band (and 5 more cuties) to wiggle their way into your heart!
So maybe I've been living under a rock, but I had honestly not heard of Day6 until I happened on them today while watching YouTube. I am sold! They are super cute and really talented! For those who are not familiar with Day6, let me introduce you to my new friends:
Day6 debuted in September 2015 with JYP with 6 members, but in late March, Junhyeok left the band due to personal reasons. On March 30th they released their second mini album with the remaining 5 members.
Sungjin - Leader, main vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitar DOB- January 16, 1993
Jae - Lead guitar, vocals, rapping DOB- September 15, 1992
Young K - vocals, base, rapping DOB- December 19, 1993 (I can already tell this guy is going to have some trouble learning his place on my bias list....)
Wonpil - vocals, synthesizer DOB- April 28, 1994
Dowoon - drums DOB- August 25, 1995
Congratulations - from debut mini album, The Day Day 6 debuted on September 7, 2015.
Letting Go - from their second mini album, Dream Released March 30, 2016
Young K and Jae are total bias wreckers. They will destroy your bias list with their adorableness I swear omg.
Ooo I've seen these songs everywhere on YouTube but I haven't actually had the chance to listen to them yet. They are very cute!!
@twistedPuppy yes!!! I am totally in love with CNBlue and FTIsland!!! 😍
These guys are all seriously cute...and I love these two songs!
Yay!!!! I need to learn more about them and CNblue and FtIsland
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