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Lại một tuần mới nữa lại đến rồi các bạn ơi. Các bạn đã sẵn sàng cho BXH "IDOL KPOP TỎA SÁNG VINGLE" LẦN 2 chưa nào?!
Và đây là thứ hạng tuần này:
Wow BXH tuần này đã một cuộc đổ bộ của "Nữ Quyền" rồi nhỉ.
Các Sone sau tuần rồi có lẽ đã bức phá vào tuần này để đưa SNSD lên ngôi Nữ Hoàng.
Các tin tức về EXO tuần này chủ yếu là về tin hẹn hò của Kai và Krystal.
EXID lần đầu xuất hiện trong bảng xếp hạng với hàng loạt cơn sốt từ mái tóc Bob ngắn của Hani.
Các vị trí còn lại của iKon và BTS vẫn là những tin tức thông thường từ nhóm cũng như fanfic.
Các bạn khác hãy cố gắng đưa Idol của mình tỏa sáng trong những tuần tiếp theo nhé (Kết quả sẽ thông báo vào Thứ 2 mỗi tuần) <3 <3 <3 NÀO CÙNG PHÁT TRIỂN VÌ CỘNG ĐỒNG KPOP TRÊN VINGLE. 5TING .
Tải ngay App Vingle để like comment nhiều về thần tượng mình nhé:
wao~~~ BTS hạng 2 ^^
Quả nhiên là SNSD :3
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RM Freaky Friday: It's Cold outside baby! +21
Hello fam! It have been a grip since I made a fanfiction and yess this post is late. Well I've many but they are not completed. Honestly, I made this one last snow storm season in 2018. I was inspired to finish this fanfiction the best I could due to the crazy snow and cold temperatures here up North. I am rusty so don't be mean. WARNING +21 FOR MATURE INDIVIDUALS! A smile grew over my face as heard over the TV that the governor called our state to a State of emergency. I was able to stay home until our agency would open back up. Finally I was able to get some things done around the home and spend time with my husband. I couldn't contain my happiness for snow days so I called my friend as we acted like school girls hearing that there was no school. I threw myself on the bed. Namjoon walked in with his glasses lowered as if he was making an observation. "What on Earth is going on here. I thought only I could make you scream like that." Namjoon said. I hung up the phone. "We have snow days due to the unsafe weather conditions. I get to stay home!" I jumped in his arms. "Wow that's exciting. You do need a break baby. You work so much for your clients." "Are you staying home. You know you can work from home. Please please." I whined. Namjoon bite his lip. "Ugh...I think I can arrange that." "You better boy! They are calling this the polar vortex! It will be super cold and the roads will be unsafe." "Well I could catch up on some blogging and editing some video content." I began jumping wildly and throwing pillows at him. Namjoon went from serious to childish less than seconds. "Ah you wanna play?!" Namjoon said with a smirk. He picked a pillow and began hitting me with the pillow while sneaking in smacks to my butt. We both fall down in laughter on the bed. I roll over on top of him and kiss his forehead. He swapped the top part of my butt. "You are such an ass lover." I laugh. "No, I love these as well..." Namjoon says while squeezing my boobs. I growl at him and we begin rolling all over the bed. I slap his butt and over take him by climbing back on top of him. "Is this the form of communication you teach your clients Dr. Kim? Is this what you teach your graduate students? What kind of therapist/ professor are you?" "Savage." I said while giving him a smirk. The phone began to ring. Namjoon was about to ignore it, but I told him to answer it. "We can practice making babies later." I said while getting off him. "I'm up for it babe." Namjoon said while kissing my forehead and answering the phone. One snow day turned into another. I was lucky that Namjoon was also a professor and an upcoming YouTuber. His YouTube had nothing to do with his professional job. However I knew that he wouldn't be a professor too long. He was already getting calls for his bomb ass music and the funny skits that he and his friends did. We were in the bed watching TV when our cell phones went off. Warning please lower your heat to 65 degrees! "What the hell. Do they know it is too cold to lower the heat?!" "There must be a reason." Namjoon scrolls down. "Something about the their equipment caught on fire. They need to conserve the gas. If we don't we all may not have gas." Namjoon went to the living room and turned down the heat. I sat pouting in the bed as I felt the temperature drop. Why must we lower our heat cuz Consumers dumb asses didn't check their equipment before this freezing weather hit us. "I'm cold Namjoon!" I whined still pouting. Namjoon gave me a dark grin and began kissing all over my neck. I was confused to his response but didn't stop him. "I know how we can stay warm baby." Namjoon whispered. Namjoon removed my shirt and began sucking on my nipples. The transition from his warm wet mouth to the colder air caused a delicious chill down my spine. I played with his hair as he began kissing down my stomach leaving warm wet marks with his perfect mouth. He began rubbing and kissing on my inner thigh. "You are so warm down here baby." Namjoon said while pushing my boy shorts to the side. Namjoon slide his finger up my wet slit. I gasped. "So freaking warm...and wet..." He hissed while kissing my sensitive area. I moaned as a felt him begin softly suck on my nub. He placed one finger inside my core moving at a torturing pace. I pushed up against his face. Namjoon stopped and raised his eyebrow. "Are you rushing me?!" "Baby....please keep me warm." I moaned. "Nope you keep me warm too." I knew just what he wanted. I pulled his manhood out of his underwear and began licking his tip. He tasted so good. Namjoon moaned as I began to stick more of him in my mouth. He pulled me over his face and began blowing on my core. I gasped as I continued to pull him in and out my mouth at a nice speed. Making loud slurping nosies as he hit the back of my throat. Namjoon spread my legs diving his tongue into my aching core. I could hear him making slurping noises. The sound turned me on so much. Namjoon feet were curling that was my warning that he was near. "Ah y/ slow down. Shit...." Namjoon moaned. I stopped and Namjoon pulled away and pounced one. He quickly slipped inside me. I moaned feeling myself to adjust. Namjoon first thrust was a strong and deep. I cover my mouth trying not to scream. Namjoon smirked and picked up the pace teasing my g spot. I knew tonight I would have to get new bed sheets. The bed was creeking as I felt the warmth of Namjoon's body against mine. Namjoon frowned. "Don't keep it in baby." As he thrusted harder. "Fuck...." was the word that left my lips as I natural reaction before I could cover my mouth. I begin making high pitch noises that were in perfect harmony with this low grunts. Namjoon pulled my legs further back so that I could literally feel him in the depths of my soul. The room full of music notes of our flesh slapping. I bite down on my lip my lips while making squeal noises. He planted kissed on my lips. "Baby girl loves it when papi is this deep." His voice sexy and mysterious. "Um hum yes Papi...I'm gonna cum. Cum in me....please..." I moaned. I thought Namjoon couldn't plow me and deeper any faster but I under estimated him. I knew I would probably have to call in tomorrow after I seen that dark smile on his face. "Ah you wanna cum?! You want Papi to cum inside your tight kitten? Well you better squirt for Papi." Namjoon groaned. He leaned in pushing deeper. My hands digging in his back. I could feel his hand rubbing my exposed numb. I couldn't hold back as I was screaming his name. I could feel him coming near as his thrusts became quickier, deeper, and sloppy. "Ah you feel so fucking good. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard....I fucking love you baby." Namjoon hissed and grunted loudly. "I love you fuck me so good papi." I thought the bed was going to break. The heat between was super hot. I felt a fire explode in me and hot liquid rippled out of me causing me to convulse. As I saw stars and was riding a wave of pleasure. My walls squeezing Namjoon so tight. He let out a huge moan. I swear his eyes rolled back as I felt his warm goodness explode deep inside me and spill over. Namjoon twitching inside me and his body twitching slightly as he came to his maximum limit. Both of us gasping deeply and quickly. Namjoon was still deep inside me as he caught his breath. I could feel our juices mixing and all over. Namjoon grinned as he pulled out of me. He push his two fingers inside me. "Shit baby it's all over the place." I was super sensitive. But his fingers felt so good. I grabbed his wrist and began making him move deeper and faster. I'm so damn greedy. Suddenly I began squirting all over again. I was a nasty girl. Namjoon licked his lips as he watched squirt. He loved watching. I came down from my high. "Just in case you didn't see the first one." I said while smiling. "Shit baby I wish everyday was a snow day." Namjoon said while kissing me. "Yeah so let's clean up. It's a mess in here Kim Namjoon." Namjoon ran into the bathroom like a child. He grinned as he turned on the shower. "Shower fuck?!" He said smiling hard showing his beautiful dimples. I slap my head. How could I say no to this handsome creature. PLEASE DON'T COPY AND OR USE ANY OF MY CONTENT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION RM Squad @BTSMicDrop and @Yugykookie97 RM Protection Squad Taglist @natsiepatsie23 @LuvMyya16 @lrwc12 @Queenycrossgene @Yugykookie97 @SweetDuella @QueenPandaBunny @StephaniePoore @Starbell808 @lop0929 @BabydollBre @lrwc12 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @Taekookimonster @Just2BLoved @Tiffiedannie @Mochiroon Ride or Die Peeps Taglist @lisablinkarmy @SolYLuna @szewwy @koalabear @SweetDuella @DefSoul1994 @blessowmwago @Starbell808 @Jiminsnooder @SarahHibbs @WinKonVIP @simpsonsamantha @lrwc12 @Gladys21 @hyunjinnie @VeronicaArtino @Shanai88 @Mochiroon @jungkookieeeee @Blackrose139 @cathysanchez157 @KittyCat1998 @Kail916 @pandaqueen7 @MelissaGarza
Why Sapa is perfect for a memorable trekking experience
You know, there’s no second place in Vietnam that you can find such amazingly beautiful and unique landscapes like Sapa. This destination is absolutely a perfect place for trekking lovers, who like to enjoy a slow, meaningful and full of surprise life. Surrounded by breathtaking vistas, rolling peaks and stunning greenery, who can imagine that this primitive place can keep its natural beauty, even it used to be one of the most favorite destinations of French while they were taking control of Vietnam (beside Halong Bay and Hanoi). And since then Sapa’s beautiful landscapes have become a number-1 choice for holiday-makers, particularly with Europeans looking for an escape from hustle life by taking a trekking tour. Sapa’s beautiful landscape You can find one of the most popular mountain ranges of Southeast Asia, the Hoang Lien Son, which is always a major part of the destination's appeal to visitors. The range, which is the largest in Vietnam, and especially in Sapa, that has Fan Si Pan, the highest peak of Southeast Asia, which is also called “The roof of Southeast Asia”. However, Sapa’s popularity is not only made from the monstrously huge mountains, but the eye-catching rice terraces and fields that sit below are also a wonder to contemplate. These rolling terraces are the perfect products of locals' creation, which are used to make growing rice more effective thanks to their steep standing which, in turn with granite erosion, has yielded fertile soil and the perfect conditions for produce growth. The terraces also offer something different as the year goes on, with a glowing gold colour emanating from the ripe rice crops in the autumn, a rich green flowing out in the summer months and a deep red filling the fields through the winter. So every moment in a year will just be perfect for a Sapa tour. Beside stunning golden terrace fields, amazingly imposing Fansipan peak, Sapa is also very famous for its mystery. Because the views of Sapa can occasionally be obscured by fog and mist which descends into the area and clouds the mountainous peaks, but the natural beauty continues to shine through. Sapa in its mysterious fog          There’s no way your memory card can be empty once you come to Sapa for a trekking trip. There are so many places in this town that can make you take your camera out immediately and catch the moment. For example, you can follow the Muong Hoa valley dirt trails, up past the hills of the Red Zoa and even into the midst of Den Thang Village H'mong's thick bamboo rain forests. You can then trek through Ban Ho, taking in the many waterfalls that line the region. This scenic trail presents not only a challenge for trekkers but also photo opportunities and gasp-inducing views at pretty much every turn. And as well as Sapa’s unique vegetational cover, trekkers will also be able to contemplate plenty of wildlife during their trip here. There are many forms of wildlife and bird found within the Sapa mountains that are native purely to this part of Vietnam, so these will not be seen elsewhere, with birds, frogs and monkeys among the Sapa inhabitants. But the trekking experience won’t be complete if you miss out Sapa's villages. There, you will find eye-opening insights into day-to-day Vietnamese life. Well, anyone who is planning on a trekking trip in Sapa will want to know what to expect in terms of the city's climate, right! Sapa has a changeable, sub topical climate, with heavy rainfall likely during May, June, July, August and September. Rainfall is at its lowest in December, January and February, with high temperatures throughout the year. These peak during the rain season, with the mercury topping 80 degrees F in September. Average highs during the dry season are more likely to level out at around 50 degrees F. If these reasons are still not enough to make you want to take a trip to Sapa, then you can find more about Sapa's attractiveness, in a good article about this amazing destination. Source:
Tuần này là một cơ hội tham gia game MỚI HOÀN TOÀN cho những con người đột phá. Bạn có muốn bài viết mình tạo ra có một sự tương tác, bạn bè xôm vào chặt chém, comment ngay chính những bài viết của bạn? TUẦN NÀY DỄ LẮM - THAM GIA NGAY NÀO Game này khá đơn giản, cụ thể như sau: - Bạn tự chọn viết về 1 chủ đề mình thích sao cho có 1 lượng bình luận, chém gió từ bạn bè dưới bài viết của mình -----------------------------> Gợi ý nè: Viết bài về 1 câu đố vui nhộn, hỏi vu vơ cho bạn bè trả lời, hay viết về 1 nhân vật trong phim mình cảm thấy ghét, thậm chí 1 bài viết hỏi vu vơ "Hôm nay 20/10 các bạn nên tặng quà gì đây? + Bài viết hợp lệ bài bài viết phải có tiêu đề, hình ảnh, nội dung chữ đi kèm và được đăng trên cộng đồng thích hợp. -----> Và PHẢI LÀ BÀI VIẾT THU HÚT NHIỀU COMMENT NHẤT VẬY PHẢI LÀM SAO ĐÂY??? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ DỄ LẮM Lần này, bạn chỉ việc viết bài sẽ có giải, đến tận 7 thẻ cào giá trị luôn đó ❤ THẺ CÀO: TÍNH LƯỢNG COMMENT THÔNG QUA SỐ NGƯỜI COMMENT NHÉ (tức là 1 người comment nhiều lần không tính nhé) - 10.000 VNĐ - (Tổng 2 thẻ cào) chọn ngẫu nhiên 2 người (ưu tiên những người viết có 5 comment trở lên) - 20.000 VNĐ - người có bài viết được nhiều LIKE nhất. - 20.000 VNĐ - người giới thiệu nhiều bạn bè tham gia nhất. - 40.000 VNĐ - (Tổng 1 thẻ cào) chọn ngẫu nhiên trong số người có bài viết trên 10 comment. - 100.000 VNĐ - người tạo card bài viết có số lượng comment đứng nhì (thua người thứ 1). ❤ GIẢI ĐẶC BIỆT - 200.000 VNĐ - người tạo card bài viết có số lượng comment nhiều nhất (Ad sẽ đếm trong bài viết có nhiều comment của bạn) ----> Mách nhỏ: Lần này bạn chỉ việc tạo 1 card bài viết với câu hỏi dễ dễ rồi mời bạn bè vào comment 1 bài đó nhiều vào nhé - Nhớ là dán link dưới post game này để bên mình kiểm tra ❤Cú pháp comment vào POST GAME❤ Cú pháp 1: Cú pháp 2: _@nickvingle người giới thiệu ❤ THỜI HẠN THAM GIA ĐẾN 8h15 sáng THỨ 2 NGÀY 26/10/2015 ❤ CÔNG BỐ KẾT QUẢ Thông tin người thắng cuộc sẽ được thông báo vào NGAY CHIỀU thứ 3 (27/10) Những bạn đoạt giải để lại comment xác nhận mình là người chiến thắng và nói rõ mạng di động mà các bạn muốn lấy mã nạp thẻ nhé! AD SẼ GỬI MÃ THẺ QUA INBOX TRÊN VINGLE CHO CÁC BẠN!!!! - Bước 1: Viết bài bằng cách NHẤP VÀO CÂY BÚT bên GÓC PHẢI TRANG bắt đầu viết, sau đó mời gọi bạn bè vào comment trong bài viết - Bước 2: Để lại link bài viết ở phần bình luận dưới thẻ này (mỗi bình luận quy ước chỉ để 1 link bài viết). ❤ XONG ❤ ***Các bạn có thể tham khảo hướng dẫn tạo bài viết tại đây*** ***LƯU Ý TẤT CẢ BÀI VIẾT PHẢI ĐƯỢC TẠO SAU NGÀY 19.10.2015, TẤT CẢ CÁC BÀI VIẾT ĐƯỢC TẠO TRƯỚC THỜI GIAN NÀY SẼ KHÔNG ĐƯỢC TÍNH*** NHANH TAY THÔI NÀO!!! NHỚ ĐĂNG VÀO MỘT TRONG NHỮNG CỘNG ĐỒNG NÀY NHÉ ❤CÁC BẠN ĐÃ VIẾT BÀI CÓ NHIỀU LIKE NHẤT ĐƯỢC THÌ NGẠI GÌ KHÔNG CÓ NHIỀU COMMENT ĐƯỢC CHỨ - PHẢI THAM GIA NGAY CÁC "TÀI KHOẢN" MAY MẮN CỦA GAME NÀY LÀ NHỮNG AI NHỈ ? HÃY KÉO XUỐNG VÀ KHÁM PHÁ THÔI ^ ❤ TRAO GIẢI 200.000 VND - @phanhu (Người tạo bài nhiều comment nhất) 100.000 VND - @HuyLeDinh (Người tạo bài nhiều comment nhì) 40.000 VND - @chanhtrung (người có 118 comment) 20.000 VND - @HPhuongPhan (có bài Like nhiều nhất) 20.000 VND - @phanhu (người giới thiệu nhiều nhất) 10.000 VND - @HanhNguyen1 (random ) 10.000 VND - @wedkham (random) Những bạn đoạt giải hãy mau để lại comment xác nhận mình là người chiến thắng và nói rõ mạng di động mà các bạn muốn lấy mã nạp thẻ nhé ! Ban tổ chức sẽ gửi mã thẻ qua inbox trên Vingle cho các bạn ! LƯU Ý: Các bạn vui lòng khi trúng giải bình luận "thẻ điện thoại gì" trong vòng 1 ngày, HẠN CHÓT 17H (5 giờ chiều) NGÀY 29/10, các bạn thông báo nhận giải sẽ không được chấp nhận nữa nha - Thông báo nhanh mình trao card nhanh