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Before i start the chapter i just wanted to share this. I was looking into these shoes....there freaking $750.....
*Alright the first picture is the dress you picked(yes you can change the color if you want) the second picture is Jhopes (I attempted at photoshop but gave and the last picture is where you end up at the end of the night.*

Okay enjoy!

"Man (y/n) is so lucky she gets to be with J-hope all the time. I wanna be her." "Yea but he's so busy so how do you think they have time for each other?" "Well of course she probably is there while he practices or late at night." "I would so try to be with him all the time." "Man I'm so jealous." I walked past this group of girls with a smile on my face. If only they knew how hard it was to really be J-hope's girlfriend. I rarely got to see him and I had to be very careful when I went out. Not that many people knew my face but thankfully I got to keep my job and all the people I worked with did really well in making sure I could still work there. I was getting excited. Only a few more days and I'd get to spend the day or part of the day with My Hope. He wouldn't tell me what he had planned but that I would be happy. I did get a clue from Jin that I needed to have a nice dress for the occasion. So I was out shopping. I needed to find a nice dress today. I had one of my coworkers go with me since I needed someone else's opinion. "Man I'm so jealous of you." Jackie said as we walked in a store. "Why?" "You're dating an idol. Most girls would kill to be in your spot." "Yea I am pretty lucky, but he's just my hope....Hoseok....although I'm shocked he took J-hope as his stage name....I never asked him why he did that." "Because he's everyone's hope." "Yea but you know how he says I'm your angel, I'm your hope, I'm j-hope?" "Yea." "Well he said that to me when we first I was in a bad place and he came along and saved me." "Aww maybe he is using it so you know he's thinking of you" "I don't know but I guess I should ask him." I smiled. I had grabbed a few dresses along this discussion. Jackie did so as well just because she liked to dress up. After several changes I found the perfect dress. We left and went to get something to eat since we were starving. After we ate we were walking down the street when we heard screams in front of us. We looked to see this large amount of girls. "Maybe we should go a different way." I said looking behind us at the less crowded road. "I wanna know what they are crowding." Jackie walked towards the group. I stayed put. But it wasnt long before I saw what was happening. I wonder why those 4 are just walking around. He glanced in my direction and smiled. I smiled and waved. He then turned to the guys who also looked in my direction then they all started walking towards me. Oh man this is going to get crazy. I figured I'd get pushed out of the way but the girls were smart enough not to stay in front of them. He had a smirk on his face as he walked up to me and stopped. The girls around us screamed. "Hey guys." I said waving to them. "Hey" they all said "What are you doing here?" I asked looking at Hobi. "I was looking for something for you." "Really?" I looked down. "Of course...I can't not give you a gift on our anniversary." He patted my head. I smiled and looked at him again. "You don't need to get me anything...your time is all I need." He stepped closer and got closer to my ear. "I'm so glad I don't have to avoid you in public if I see you." His breath on my ear sent shivers down my back. "I'm very glad too." He moved back a little so we could lock eyes. "Im going to kiss you." He said and before I could respond his lips were on mine. It was just a quick one and then we seperated. "Hoseok let's go...the crowds getting bigger." Jungkook said. I glanced back at the guys and saw them signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. "Yea go on I'll see you later. So don't worry about me. I'm heading home soon anyways." "Why don't you join us, you and your friend." "Oh can we?" Jackie said getting close to Hobi. "Yea plus it might be better since you don't have any protection after we leave." "Oh please (y/n) can we?" She asked grabbing my arm. "Fine, fine." She squealed and then wrapped her arm around me. "Thank you so much!" Once we started moving Hobi grabbed my hand and we interlocked our fingers. "I'm so happy right now." He said looking at me. "Same here." I squeezed his hand. I took a glance to check on Jackie and she was really close with Jimin. She even linked arms with him. I'm assuming he's her fave. "I think my friend likes Jimin." "Ha looks like he's not hating it." He said looking back at the two. After going into a few stores he had me go hang with the guys and jackie. Then he went off to buy whatever he found. "You guys like drawing crowds huh?" I laughed and pushed V a little. "Hey its not our fault....oh wait it is, we're just so handsome." He started laughing "I hope it's not like this on our date." "Don't worry it should be fine." Jungkook said. "If you think so." "Oh we know so" Jimin said ruffling my hair. "Hey!" Then V and Jungkook did it as well. "Now your hair is just perfect!" V said laughing "You know.....I'm going to get you back for this someday." I tried to fix my hair. "Guys are you messing with my lady!" Hobi was right behind me and put his arms around my waist and put his chin on my shoulder. With that they all laughed. "It's all good they were joking." "I know I saw the whole thing." After that little exchange we left this time we were done for the day and so we had to finally say goodbye. Once we said our goodbyes we ran off. We didn't want to get bombarded by girls asking questions. The next 2 days went fast. No incidents of any kind besides what happened 2 days ago. There were pictures all over the Internet of us kissing and going shopping. Of course I just looked at the articles but didn't look at and comments I didn't need to see anything negative. My phone buzzed. I looked at it. 'My Hope' flashed on the screen. "Hey baby!" I said picking it up. "I'm coming over" "Ok!" "Don't take a shower yet!" "Haha ok I wont." After our shower he stayed for awhile then left to go get changed. When he came back he was in a nice outfit. Black pants with a gray jacket and he looked good. "Damn baby girl you're looking amazing tonight." He said closing the distance between us and kissing me. "You look amazing as well." "Let's go we're going to have a great dinner." Now I won't go into much detail on what we ate but we did go to a nice place that wasn't super fancy. After we ate we went to the COEX AQUARIUM. I had always wanted to go and never actually went. This was a nice surprise. While we were standing in a giant room that was dark minus the window that we were looking at the fish and whatnot he grabbed my hand and had me face him. "(Y/n) I have something I'd like to ask you." "What is it?" "I know it's only been a year... but..." I started freaking out was he going to propose? "Baby.." "Would you make the the happiest man...." He got down on one knee and pulled out a little box. "Hoseok!" "Will you move in with me?" He opened the box and there was a key in it. "Oh my god! I thought you were proposing" I said smacking him lightly on the arm. "That was the point" He laughed. "Oh my god...." "So will you move in with me?" "Yes you goof!" I said taking the key from the box. "Awesome after this i wanna show you it." "Ok but I have my lease for another month or so. So I can't move out till that's done." "Understandable. Man your neighbors will be very happy you're moving out...they have got to be sick of hearing and seeing us having sex." He laughed "yeah I bet they will." I laughed as well.
what do you think??? did I trick ya??? sorry ....not ok I think we are getting to the point of ending it...I'm a little sad to think about finishing this one up but.....I kinda have neglected the other 2 stories because I had alot for this story....
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I was like, Yay a ring!! Ohh it's a key?! Darn it! lol
That last comment got me, the sex is that loudπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Your story runs smoothly and really interesting !
@JayDaeKang no you didn't miss anything....I'm going more detailed into it next some fun stuff happens
omg u got me lol I was starting to jump up that was sweet
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