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Let's Play: The Famous Names Game!

Welcome, Funny Community, to this week's interactive game: The Famous Names Game!

This game is similar to the 7-Letter Game - except with a celebrity twist!
If you know your celebs (or character names!), this game is right up your alley!

Here's how to play:

1. I will post a celebrity name. (Example: Jane Lynch)
2. The first person who sees my celebrity name will comment with another celebrity's name whose first name starts with the first letter of my celebrity's last name. (Lynch starts 'L', so the next celebrity's name should start with 'L' - Lionel Richie.)
3. The next person continues the chain by commenting with a new celebrity name whose first name starts with the previous last name's first letter.
4. Historical figures and movie/TV character names can also be used, so long as they use a first name/last name or first name/middle name/last name format.

Are we ready? OKAY!



The first person who comments needs to comment with a celebrity name that starts with the letter 'S'.
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