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I have started watching Naruto recently Yay! And the character that really caught my eyes is no other than OROCHIMARU. Well other than Sasuke but anyway when Orochimaru made his first appearance I really didn't like him and as he appears more I was really attracted to this guy.
The guy is seriously evil. Well to the parts that I have seen so far. BUT I just cannot hate him. For one. Not going to lie. The fangirl in me says otherwise!
There is just something about this guy that is so attractive to me...I'm not the only one right??
So the other thing is he's one of the most powerful character I have seen so far in the series. Being one of the legendary Sannin. Maybe he's the most powerful one? He took on the other two and was on the winning side, but then again Jiraiya was drugged so I wouldn't call that fair. He killed his own teacher who had such affections and believed in him! This guy just really doesn't want to die so I guess this is the reason why he has became so twisted. Orochimaru's ambition is top notch. I look forward to see how he becomes later on in the series. So everyone tell me your opinions of Orochimaru. By the way don't be afraid of spoiler. I'm the type that goes ahead and read about a character while watching.
i like him if your caught up with all the episodes you should know but hes not technically bad just drunk on getting power and somewhat goes back to normal
Me. I hate snakes and I'm 98% sure that he's a pedophile. I really hate both those things.
@AshChrimson but, I mean, it's not like he's evil for evil's sake, you know? He's more complicated than that. He's got his own goals and such, but he's got a twisted sense of morality. And I know he has a son, even though I try to avoid spoilers; like I said, I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing Orochimaru again at some point (I suspect he currently kinda lives on inside Kabuto, and maybe some other remains lying around), so I'll see how my opinions change when that happens
orochimaru is one of my favorites by far :3 wait till you get to the fight between him and naruto at the bridge scene in shippuden he is unreal with his survivability
@OtakuDemon10 hes not dead he has a son. He kills a hokage so he is bad obviously. Hes twisted and stuff. He has a son.
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