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{NC} An Older Anime That I Love!

It's time for my next story at the campfire :)

And I chooooose....Sailor Moon!!

It may seem a bit obvious, but Sailor Moon was always one of my favorite series. I love magical girls, I love the themes of growth & change & friendship & strong women....still things I love in the anime that I usually enjoy most today (Madoka Magica, Fairy Tail, Love Live, etc!). It's just such a great series with so many parts that I love & can still enjoy after all this time - both the old version and the newer ongoing series. A serious love of this whole franchise started in the 90s for me, and I'm so glad. Someday I will get to cosplay my beautiful Mars!!!
@hikaymm i loved her because she was a BADASS!!!
Sailor Jupiter 💚
@BrandyJones yasss♡
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