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COCONUT OIL Runway models' best beauty secret isn't their great DNA. OK, yes, it is, but after that? Coconut oil. Models like Maryna Linchuk and Frida Gustavsson buy jars of the stuff at the grocery store and slather it over their arms and mile-long legs. "Coconut oil is so rich in fatty acids, it's a great moisturizer," says cosmetic chemist Ni'kita Wilson. "And it's also a dry oil, so it gets absorbed quickly, leaving behind a glow, not shine." The miracle oil has the same effects on dry hair, too. Coarse- and thick-haired types can use it as a shine serum, a deep conditioner, and blow-dry prep. from:
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@kristenadams @LauraMatthews have you guys tried it??? I'm looking for a good one, but i'm hesitant to use on it on my skin or hair!
@miranpark88 I'm trying to find one as well. There's this huge boom with coconut based products at the moment!
Ah, coconut oil is very good for you. I've been using some lotions that have coconut oil in it for a long time. It's great for you and it smells really good.
@roselee89 i agreeee! i'm obsessed with any coco products rite nowwwwwwww @YinofYang apparently that's what victoria's secret models use ; )
@miranpark88 Yep, it's definitely a good thing to use for sure. Loooove coconut!