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Here we go!

My first preview card for Spring season anime - expect a lot more over the next week or two as I plan to figure out what I'm going to watch! I'll also be clipping cards made by others, so please feel free to make your own & follow this collection for more cards like this one!

Thoughts Before Starting Mayoiga:

I think this is going to be a bit of a mystery and hopefully a thriller!! I'm also hoping for some romance, and mayyyyybee some crime related mystery as well :) Let's get going!!

Anime Details:

Title: Mayoiga (The Lost Village)
Japanese Title: 迷家
Episodes: 12
Airing Spring 2016

Initial Impressions:

First off, let's just address the fact that there are SO many characters - like a ton. It definitely relied on tropes a little bit to help us understand who they all are, but technically they all introduced themselves. It's clear our main focus is going to be on Mitsumune and Masaki, with Speedstar, MaiMai, Lion, Varukana and Lovepon probably playing important roles. Besides that, I also remember Dahara (leader), Koharun (village student girl), Narna, 3 different yuunas, Piitan & Manbe, Puuko, Nyanta, Jack, Nettaiya,...I think that's all I can remember for now lol. There'a TON of characters.
And that has me convinced they're all gonna die. Seriously! The creepy creepy vibe throughout is just too much to not take as death flags. Or maybe they're dead already, I don't know. But the creepy vibe is strong through: there is a scary lullaby about ripping limbs off, ambient noise that's too weird, games played about torture, it wont' stop raining....the theme of death is strong with this show, and really intriguing because everyone is acting so upbeat. But clearly, I think that's just a pretense.
Masaki & Mitsumune are both really interseting because of the mental disorders they might represent? I think Masaki definitely shows a pretty accurate representation of what OCD can look like, and Mitsumune....man idk what's going on with him. That little FREAK OUT there was really interesting, make me think he's almost schizophrenic or just have some disorder where he can't view life as his own. I don't know, but I think Lion's right when she alludes to the fact that he might be the one to snap.
Just creepy vibes all around. The death song, death letters, the death lullaby. I'm intrigued to see how this handles actual death.
TL;DR I started out thinking everyone was here because they were normal people going through some hard times or something, but the episode makes it pretty clear almost everyone has a lot more they're hiding & facing. So intrigued to find out more!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 7
Animation: 7
Sound design: 9 (CREEPY!)
Storyboard: 7 (I wish it would have given us a litttttle more)
World/setting: 8
Character designs: 8
OP + ED: 8 (I really liked them!!! but the visuals were boring)
Entertainment: 9
Voice acting: 9

Am I Going to Continue?

Yes, because I need this to be Battle Royale the anime. They introduced a ton of characters, and I was actually able to remember quite few distinct names & personalities. However, they're probably going to start disappearing or dying quickly, or else it'll be too confusing.
The uneasy atmosphere, the weird people.....I don't know what's going to happen, but I know I want to know more!
The preview for ep 2 seems like we'll get some more development & back story into just who everybody is, I hope, but I am going to keep going!!

YES. CREEPY. I'm so in!

@kenjaminG so dark but so intriguing xD
@hikaymm Might make finding her harder with just a first name .. Challenge excepted !
I watched this and was wondering if it's going to be good or not. but I loved the song about the seriously unlucky hippopotamus
@AtisutoMeru let me know what you think!!
@msfancysunshine same, or at least SOME peopel will, but i'm still intrigued about how its gonna happen
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