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who has interest in anime reviews and opinions? I plan on starting reviews as long as people will read and share. <3 this post. If there is a number of people who want me to review anime's I will gladly do so. Follow the new collection I made and keep your eyes open. feel free to always post in the comments about recommendations or your opinions.
@redapple615 i remember when i watched terror in tokyo or terror in resonance whatever you want to call it and the girl who 12 fell for pissed me off
@redapple615 i could never do anime reviews i like mainly all animes except ones where i look for alll the genres it falls under and it doesnt say romance AAND THEY STILL HAVE ROMANCE LIKE I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THAT
@Lalaichan14 yeah agreed. It's one thing if it has elements of romance but it's another when it's full of romance yet it's not under the romance genre. That can be very annoying. I love anime but I don't have the patience to go through every single one to review. I'm just sticking with my movies lol
first review posted today. check it out. @gabbycalzada @redapple615 @hikaymm @InVinsybll
absolutley love them! also, If you want to get more people reading, I suggesting tagging people in your cards so that they get the notification too!
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