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I was a bit upset about the figma's quality originally because I bought it at a store instead of ordering it. However after getting to understand how figmas work and doing slight adjustments, I've come to love this figure. In case you didn't know it's Kirito from Sword Art Online. This figma is amazing!
Does anyone have any cool figmas? If so make a card and tag me! I'd love to see some more in some awesome poses! Hopefully I'll get more figmas in the nearby future considering that my birthday is coming up.
I have a Naruto some where
@JohnMcCullough I did a while back, I'll see if I can dig it up!
I don't have any figmas, but I do have a small Super Saiyan God Goku statuette sitting on my PS4
I don't have any...yet but as soon as I do I'll take a bunch of awesome photos!! and share them with you!!
I have an eren one from attack on Titan. But I mostly buy nendoroids. If you want to buys some more figma or nendoroids, I would highly recommend amiami, a website that ships new and used figures (they also sell other Japanese goods) straight from Japan. There are a lot of fake figma/ nendoroids out there and it is really horrible when you get scammed out of a lot of money for fakes. Amiami only sells authentic goods and their prices are very reasonable/affordable.
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this huge beast was there lol snd at first look I didnt know what it was hahah I just thought it looked cool but then i was really looking at it and I was like oooh SNAP! is the beast from God eater!!!! im so hype cause there making another video game for the ps4 and it looks awesome! ^_^ :) and i loved the Anime ive only seen season one :) and to me it was good, you guys should check it out you might like it! :) These statues looked awesome too i had to take a Pic of these bad boys! ^_^ @Miichi @LeonardGrahamJr @Tomoki @NickMcCormick @JayKumor @Jax97 @Winx9119 @Soulstice @Thomasamolina @ChrisCopeland @jjbosy @jjbosy @LuffyNewman @neetyro007 @earthly @RogerNunez @BrandonParantea @DereckTorres @MelissaWonders @kareemalzindani @rexamisprime @EstefanOlivares @JosephCannon @BrittanyBocaneg @Lalaichan14 @AngelofFire12 @koifries @AngelofFire12 @WinterWolf027 @WinterWolf027 @DamianWalker @SSJAKUMA5 @amobigbang @aaronred888 @SSJAKUMA5 @JordanSwihart @JordanSwihart @DenisseSanchez @Tomoki @Tomoki @IsraelCruz @ChangoLeon @JimTurpen @InVinsybll @AngelMartinez1 @soulfeast83 @GeovanyAguilar @Sharia @Nyan @KarenDonley @EmilianoMacias @HerosBells @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @halorblood @bcox5027 @DominatorD123 @JacobRivas @pramodsingh @Kitty9454 @MichaelCochran @AnasiaLaureano @jonathan11 @nena2kris1 @paultipps323 @yulissab2015 @AwsomeCarp @BobbieStinson @AnnaArai @EmilianoMacias @KarenDonley @GeovanyAguilar @JosiahQuick @HerosBells @Mikazuki1 @bcox5027 @JacobRivas @EvanNguyen @KurosakiJess @HunnaBallue @LuffyNewman @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @SimplyAwkward @ChrisStephen