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I recently found the font which the BTS logo used and I'm working on a project.
I need either phrases or words that I can put inside the letters such as:
voil脿 I'll post it once they're all done. the phrases/words can be for any member, just include which member so it will make it easier for me.
You got no jams. That one is a must. And I think that for the members name, you could put their real given names in them, that'd be cool. And also, like the others were suggesting, you could put some lyrics of their songs on them, but like put their parts of the song in their names. (ex. Mianhae in Jimin's, bc Jimin's line in I need u). Just a few ideas. Good luck!
I am very loser?
"infires" - Suga
what about "youth is gone" from run Japanese ver.? or some lyrics? like my favorite are from dead leaves
"excuse me!" Jimin "not dance monster" Namjoon "Oh man holy shit!" Jungkook
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