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so I'm not sure if I should start to watch this and would like to know if it is worth it. I don't want any spoilers but just wanting some opinions. thank you!:)
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@AaronBart It's not my favorite, but I love it, and I watch it on crunchyroll. They have both sub and dub for that one (I like to watch both cuz I'm weird). I actually finally got around to starting the latest arc and forgot how much I loved it! It's very interesting and twisty, so I say go for it!
You should watch it on kissanime
watch it, even if it's just because Celty is awesome.
It good anime but you need to put alot of attention to it but once you know what's going on then it much more interesting. I saw it on netflix both season one and two dub but I'm sure it's on other websites like kissanime or m.watchcartoonsonline.com or crunchroll
@Mikazuki1 yeah, definitely worth multiple watches