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I could see that he was trying to remain stoic, but the second our eyes met, he couldn’t hold it in any longer. I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. That picture was definitely going in the album. I laughed lightly at his face. When I finally made it to him, he asked what was so funny.
“Tae you look like a unicorn just appeared before your eyes and asked you what the electronegativity of a barium ion was.” His face said it all. “Exactly,” I laughed. The ceremony went on and on, I could tell Tae was losing his patience. “Calm down love, it’s almost over.”
“You wouldn’t let me kiss you for almost 2 years!” I snorted. We had made a bet and he lost, so I told him no kissing or anything more for the whole engagement. “Why did you do that to me Jagi?”
“I wanted to see if you could handle it. You know that’s going to be how it is when you’re deported.”
“Don’t remind me Jagi… This day is supposed to be happy.”
“I know I know I’m sorry. Only happy thoughts for the rest of the evening.”
“You may now kiss the bride.”
“Finally!” He pulled me in for gentle, but passionate kiss, that received many hoots and hollers from the groomsmen. “Let’s go,” he whispered before dragging me out of the church.
“Slow down Tae!” It was hard enough walking in this dress, but running? As expected, I tripped on the fabric of the long dress, and fell to the ground. No way I was getting up by myself.
“Jagi?” I heard Tae call from down the hallway. “Aish! So clumsy you are,” he teased.
“Not my fault! You’re the one running like you’re being chased by a rabbit with rabies.” He picked me up in his arms, and winked at me.
“Maybe I am.” He took off once more, but slower due to the extra weight he was carrying.
“Do you even know where we’re going?”
“Nope. But you’re mine now.”
“No I’m not. We still have the reception to go to. No way am I letting you take me before I get the chance to make a dent in that mashed potato bar.”
“You and your mashed potatoes,” he chuckled.
“I had them flown in from America! True American cuisine.”
“Fine. I guess we can make an appearance at the reception.”
“You know your mother would kill you if you didn’t go. Besides we get to leave before anyone else anyways. Our flight is at like 10 tonight.”
“Oh yeah. We’re going to the Bahamas.”
“Yup, and then I’m all yours.”
“OK deal. Now let’s go get you some mashed potatoes.”
“I don’t think we thought this out very well.” Apparently, word had gotten out that we were flying out of South Korea at 10, and without fail, the fans were there to “greet” us. More like mob us. Can’t say I ever thought I would be called a man stealing pickle turd on my wedding day, but hey, a little variety in life never hurt. Tae stopped in the middle of the walkway, causing me to bump into him. “Tae...?”
“YAH!” I took a small step back at the surprising volume of his voice. All of the fans surrounding had frozen in place along with me. “I really just want to spend the next week with my wife. Alone. And whether you guys want her as my wife or not, I really don’t care! Married or not, I’m still Kim Taehyung. I’m still V from BTS. If me being married causes you to hate BTS, then you were never a true ARMY in the first place. True ARMIES stick with us through everything. They support us and our life decisions. So if you’re just going to stand here and degrade my WIFE, I’d like for you to just leave. Don’t come to our concerts, don’t buy our albums. I’d rather have ten devoted, and loyal fans, than a million, hurtful and controlling ones. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a plane to catch.” Everyone in front of us immediately stepped aside to let us through.
“You never stop amazing me Tae.” I lifted my head from his shoulder, and he shot me a puzzled look.
“How so?”
“I’ve never seen you like that.” He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Out there with the fans?”
“Oh that.”
“I think you saved a lot of fans from hating us.”
“Well it was true. They’re not true fans if they don’t support our private life decisions.”
“I’m sure they were shocked. Who knew you could be so stern.”
“Well you do. I always get my way in the bed,” he whispered.
“Yah!” I quietly exclaimed as I hit his shoulder.
“I’ve never been on a plane with you before, Jagi. Every time I’m on a plane, I’m always flying away from you.”
“That’s not true. When you come home, you’re flying towards me.”
“Bang PD-nim said you can come with us on tours now. Since we’re married, it would look better if you came and supported us.” My eyes lit up.
“Are you serious?! I’ve always wanted to go on tour with you guys!”
“On one condition.” I groaned. “You have to dance.”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“You have to go on stage and dance with us.”
“I can’t do that. I’m so out of practice.”
“You practice everyday in the practice room down the hall.”
“How did you…?”
“I know everything Jagi,” he smirked.
“Is he sure? I don’t want to be a nuisance.”
“He loves you. More than us probably. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Let’s just enjoy our honeymoon for now. We’ll worry about all that later.” I nodded before leaning my head on his shoulder.
“You know, isn’t the Bahamas a bit cliché for a honeymoon location?” I smirked before putting a forkful of salad into my mouth.
“Who cares Jagi. It’s stunning here.”
“I don’t care at all Tae, I just wasn’t expecting it. But I guess that means you surprised me again. Where are we staying?”
“Let me look. Some hotel called the One&Only?” My fork froze centimeters from my mouth, a piece of lettuce falling off. His broken English made it hard to understand, but there was no mistaking what he had just said.
“Are you pulling my buttons?”
“No that’s what it says on the email.”
“Who the heck booked this trip?”
“I think my mom and PD-nim collaborated on it. Why are you acting so surprised?”
“What room are we staying in?
“The luxury beachfront suite. Jagi, what is going on?”
“Tae those rooms are like $2000 a night,” I squeaked. “Plus we were in first class on our plane… How much did they spend on this trip?!”
“It’s gotta be special Jagi. You only get one you know,” he winked. My breath was quickening at the lack of concern for the enormous amount of money that was spent on this trip.
“I’ll pay them back.”
“No can do.”
“They said it was a gift. PD-nim felt bad that he couldn’t make it to the wedding. He’s the CEO of a successful entertainment company Jagi. Doing things small is just not his forte. Just enjoy this trip. You deserve it with everything you’ve been through.” I nodded reluctantly. It was pointless to argue with him. “Now, shall we go check out this beachfront resort?” He grabbed my hand before pulling me closer, and wrapping his arm around my shoulders.
“We’re lucky no one will recognize you here,” I chuckled. “I can never go anywhere with you in Korea.”
“Ah I’m sorry Jagi, but your husband is just so popular in Korea,” he smirked. I lightly smacked his chest, a grin on my face.
“What are we doing today, Jagi?” We were snuggled under the bed sheets as I drew lazy circles on his bare chest. It was day 4 of our honeymoon, and so far, we had done nothing but explore, and be all touristy.
“You don’t think people will expect us to you know…”
“No Jagi, I don’t know,” he smirked.
“Oh don’t give me that look. You know exactly what I’m talking about”
“I think- “
“I’m not ready,” I hurriedly cut him off. He gave me gentle smile.
“Then that settles that. It doesn’t matter what everyone else wants. If you’re not ready, then they can just deal with it.”
“I’m just scared,” I mumbled.
“You had a miscarriage. What woman wouldn’t be scarred from losing their child? People will understand Jagi.” I propped up on my elbow to lean over and give him a peck on the lips. “That doesn’t mean we still can’t… you know…”
“No Tae, I don’t know. What can we still do?” I smirked.
“Yah, don’t play with me,” he growled before capturing my lips in a heated kiss. We didn’t need to voice our agreement on what we would be doing today.
“Where are we going Tae?” Once again, I was being led to a mysterious place, having no clue where we were going.
“It’s a surprise,” he said throwing me a bright smile.
“You know I hate surprises,” I grumbled.
“But you don’t hate me.”
“Yet.” He shot me a hurt look.
“Fine, I’ll just go swim with fish by myself.”
“We’re going to swim with fish?!”
“Yah, you’re more enthusiastic about fish than you are about me.”
“I get to see you every day. I’m really bad at keeping fish, so my dad stopped buying them for me after the 6th one.”
“You’ve had 6 fish?”
“And a frog.”
“What happened to him?”
“Jumped down the drain.” He hummed with slight horror.
“Well then, let’s just keep moving.”
“This is really strange,” I whispered.
“What is Jagi?” We were walking hand in hand through the airport, not a single person confronting us.
“No one is here to bombard us,” I chuckled.
“After my little episode before we left, our fans decided we deserved privacy. That and I scared some of them.”
“Still, no reporters?”
“Do you see any?”
“Well no.”
“Then I guess there are no reporters either. Let’s go, the car is waiting for us.” We picked up our luggage and were led to the car by Manager-nim, who had been waiting for us. The car ride home was quiet, too tired to speak. Tae carried my half-sleeping form into the house, and took me straight to our room. “Get some rest Jagi. I’ll come join you later,” he whispered before laying a kiss on my forehead.


I slowly closed the bedroom door behind me, not wanting to be too loud. I had immediately hushed the guys when I came in, not wanting Pais to be woken.
“So, what did I miss while I was gone?” I asked after making it to the living room.
“Yoongi finally released his mix tape.”
“Seokjin had his photoshoot with a magazine.”
“Jimin and Hoseok were asked to perform as guests on some dance show.”
“Jungkook got himself a girlfriend.”
“And Namjoon found the cure for cancer!”
“No, I just felt bad that Namjoon didn’t accomplish anything this week,” Jimin smirked.
“Yah, I can take breaks too you know.” A smile naturally formed on my face. I was surrounded by the best friends I could ever want, the love of my life was waiting for me in our room, and I could never be happier.
“Well, I’m ready to get back in the flow of things. We’ve got a comeback coming up.”
“And with that, everyone, go to bed!” Namjoon ordered. The members headed off to their rooms, leaving me to sit on the couch in silence, rubbing Arra’s belly. A pair of arms wound around my neck, and my nose was filled with the familiar strawberry scent.
“You know, the bed is awfully cold and empty with just one person.” Her raspy voice sent tingles up my spine.
“Hmm we might need to fix that.” I mumbled before pulling her lips to mine in a heated kiss. We heard a soft cough and immediately separated, embarrassed at being caught. I looked over to see Jimin smirking in the doorway.
“I still don’t get it. How could you choose him over me?” he teased. I watched Pais walk towards him, a spark in her eyes.
“You know Jimin…” I watched her stroke his chest while whispering something in his ear. She turned towards me and winked before disappearing through the doorway. I smirked at the state she had left my best friend in.
“Let me rephrase that. How in the world did you manage to get that?”
“Don’t know, don’t care. She’s all mine,” I retorted before giving him a pat on the back and leaving him alone in the doorway. I put on my best pout before entering our room.
“Aww is someone jealous?” she teased. The pout was quickly replaced with a smirk. I pinned her body to the bed, and watched her eyes widen.
“I think it’s only right to punish you for touching another man like that,” I growled. The rest of the night went just like that, before we were both overcome with sleep. Her small form was securely wrapped in my arms, her rhythmic breath lulling me to sleep. I could never answer that question. How did I manage to get so lucky?
“Jagi you look perfect.”
“Yabo, it’s impossible to look perfect when I look like this,” she whined.
“Come out so that everyone else can see. I promise you look stunning.”
She stepped out of the dressing room slowly, embarrassment etched on her face. Everyone immediately voiced their approval. She was stunning. Her blond hair swept up in a simple french twist and soft makeup pulled the look together. Not many people could pull it off like she could. I approached her, holding my hand out for her to grab so I could guide her down the few steps.
“Our transportation is here, we’ve got to go,” Namjoon announced. All the guys had been dressed up in coordinating suits, while Pais and Jayc were matched to their date. I helped her into the limousine before sliding in next to her. The JJ couple was next, followed by the rest of the guys. PD-nim had required that BTS come together, but it was decided that the couples would come out last.
“Don’t be nervous Jagi, we’ve been married for 2 years. Everyone loves us.”
“Not helping Yabo,” she mumbled, her voice shaking. “I haven’t been out in public with you in about 8 months. I have the right to be nervous.”
“Whatever happens, just keep your head held high and smile. You’re my wife and nothing will ever change that.”


“We’re here.” Jin said. The car door was opened, and one by one, the boys filed out. The cheers grew as each member stepped out. Jungkook and Jaycee stepped out hand in hand, causing the noise to rise significantly. They were a pretty hot topic these days with their recent engagement.
“I think we can do better than that,” Tae smirked. I smirked back, suddenly filled with confidence. “Let’s show the amateurs how to really get a crowd going,” he winked. I watched him step out first, the crowd suddenly growing quiet. I could hear the whispers of confusion. It looked like Tae had come by himself. He bent down slightly, reaching his hand to me. I took a deep breath before finally stepping out of the car. At first, everyone began cheering and taking pictures as usual, until I turned to give Tae a peck on the cheek. The well concealed bump that couldn’t be seen from the front, was now visible to everyone in the crowd. Sounds of excitement and surprise were soon drowned out by the noise. All of the celebrities stopped moving along the carpet to see what had created such chaos in the press. I looked ahead to see the rest of BTS and Jaycee smirking at everyone’s reactions. “We should probably start moving,” Tae whispered.
“Agreed. My feet hurt, my back hurts, my knees hurt, and I need to use the restroom.” He chuckled at my list of complaints as he led me down the carpet towards the group.
“So this is where you’ve been for eight months.” I turned around to see Sohyun and the rest of 4Minute behind her. We always saw each other at shows, and naturally became friends after learning we shared the same love for dance. “I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you dancing on stage with BTS in a while. Congrats.”
“Well, Tae found it to be more appropriate to wait until the baby was born to put him on stage,” I smirked.
“You’ve got to start them early Taehyung, that’s how they get good,” Hyuna teased.
“Ah I guess you’re right Noona, but I stand by my decision.”
“Ooh assertive. He’s a keeper. We’ve gotta go do some interviews, see ya Pais!” I waved goodbye to the girls, and turned around to continue walking towards the doors of the venue.
“How much longer Yabo?”
“Not much Jagi, just hang in there,” he soothed rubbing my shoulders. The event had been going on for 3 hours, and to say I was miserable was an understatement. I could handle this if I were 4 months pregnant, but 8? Then it hit me.
“It’s almost over Jagi I promise.”
“Tae,” I gasped. Pain began to flood my stomach. I had experienced mild contractions the past week, but nothing like this.
“I know you’re tired Jagi, but-” the slight annoyance in his face quickly turned to panic. My eyes were scrunched together as I held my stomach, waiting for the contraction to pass, keeping track of how long it lasted. Opening my eyes after the pain resided, I saw Tae and the rest of BTS watching me with anticipation. I could only nod, but they seemed to understand. Everything became a blur as Tae began giving orders. At that point, I didn’t give a flying frick what they did, I just wanted this baby out. The contractions were getting worse, and I was losing energy with each one. Tae’s last words echoed in my head as I began to drift off. “Hang in there Jagi. We’ll get you to the hospital.” The pain of the contractions shook me out of my 4-minute nap, only to send me into another one after the pain resided. The next 2 hours were going to be dreadful, but we were finally having our baby. We would finally be the family we had dreamed of.
“Why me Tae?” The first words that came to my mind when I finally woke up after having our child.
“Why you what Jagi?”
“Of all the women in the world, why me?”
“Not all of the women in the world need a man to help them with their luggage. You happened to need one, and I was there to fulfill that.”
“So it was just coincidence?”
“More like fate to me. I didn’t have to help you.”
“I’m glad you did,” I mumbled.
“Me too Jagi. Me too.”


“Ayden!” Nothing. “Kim Min Ki!” This kid, I swear. I groaned as I came to realization. “KIM TAEHYUNG!” I heard a crash upstairs and smirked. The two guilty candidates made their way down the stairs. A small body with bright blond hair and a tall body with dark red hair rushed into the kitchen to help with lunch. It was the annual BTS picnic, and we were once again going to be late.
“We’re ready Jagi! We won’t be late this year!”
“Yeah Eomma! We’re perfectly ready!” I knelt in front of Ayden, fixing his collar. “Go put your shoes on and get in the car.” He ran off to do just that leaving his parents alone in the kitchen. “Chaos. That’s what this is. How could I not have expected chaos by bringing another Kim Taehyung into this world,” I teased.
“Yah, you’re in that child too. His sass almost measures up to his mother’s.”
“Then there’s that one.” We both glanced at the occupied car seat. Our 5-month old girl, Eva or Min Jee, was sound asleep.
“I know she’s not old enough, but I can already tell she’s going to be a spitting image of you.”
“All she got was my eyes and curly hair. Everything else is you.”
“That means she got stuck with your personality,” he smirked.
“We should probably go.” Tae hummed in agreement. I carefully picked up the car seat, asking Tae to get the basket with the food. After our family was settled into the car, we took off.
“It’s not fair. She’s the easiest baby I’ve ever seen,” Jaycee whined. She had her hands full with twins, who were both filled with energy.
“They can’t be as bad as Hoseok’s children.” All four of them inherited his outgoing personality that completely contrasted his wife’s stoic personality.
“Jimin’s child isn’t too bad.”
“She’s also only like a month old.”
“True. Seokjin raised a princess, that’s for sure.”
“More like a brat,” I snorted.
“Comes from the mother’s side.”
“Yoongi still dating that girl?”
“Yup. I think he’s proposing soon. Is Namjoon back from his trip?”
“Should be. He only spent like what 7 months there with his girlfriend?”
Everyone had grown up, continued on with their lives, or started a family. I watched my son play with his father, a smile on my face. I wouldn’t change it for anything. My life was perfect, and no matter what happened, it would always be perfect with Tae by my side.
First, I should apologize for the looooooong wait for this chapter. I was stuck on what to write about and found it hard to motivate myself to write the last chapter for this story since I didn't want it all to end. Next, I want to thank everyone who has been with me through this story's journey. You guys are awesome sauce that's for sure. I'm almost done with the first chapter of the my new story featuring Jungkookie, so that will be up tomorrow. I'll also start working on the promised Markson one shot. Haven't really come up with a good idea for that one, but I'll think of something. Hope you guys enjoyed this series, and hopefully I'll see you guys in the next one! Let me know If you would like to be in the Jungkook story tag list. Still have to come up with a title. Yikes.
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