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Rain Clouds: pt. two

Part one is here!
We're standing outside of the only liquor store that's potentially safe enough to visit at this time of night. It's touching 10 O'clock and neither of us really care to be around this area even when the sun comes out. "Let's get whiskey." I mutter to Jungkook as he scans a small group of young adults passing by. He glances at me, a nod my only token of acknowledgement. I shoot him a smile, silently thanking him for not fighting me on our choice of poison. I know he would rather vodka, and be it a normal night I would as well, but I'm trying to tap into his soul tonight. Whiskey is usually a sure fire way to do that sort of thing.
I grab the best looking, not too expensive bottle of whiskey. I hope it's whiskey, we don't shop for it often. Or ever really. I still have flashbacks sometimes from the last time I saw Jungkook drunk off the stuff. It's like he became another person, and it was strange, but everything just kind of... poured out of him. Like somebody turned on a faucet and the words just couldn't come out fast enough. I think that's the night I started understanding him, who he really was.
It was Junior year of high school. Jungkook and I had been friends for so long at that point, but I guess I didn't know everything about him even then. He told me things I can only trust that he never told anybody else before. I felt hurt that I hadn't already known all of his secrets, but he was crying so hard I had to let it go immediately. He told me everything. The reasons he was always so distant with everyone besides for me, why he was so cold. He didn't care to have many friends. It was always just me and him. Two amigos.
I couldn't believe what he said, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Jungkook forced the words through his lips, I could tell. It was painful for him to talk about things he'd been, until that moment, only keeping to himself. He told me about his father, a selfish man who never cared for him. His mother who was weak and never protected him from his fathers fists. She only wanted him to do well in school. If he brought her a bad report card, she'd be right beside his father, screaming of her intolerance and of her shame he'd put on their family, wailing her arms to strike him as he'd cower down and let her. He never fought back, and I found myself wondering why. But Jungkook was kind, he's always been kind. He may have been closed down to everyone else, unapproachable and awkward. To me though, he's the best person I've ever known. His heart is made of gold.
Ever since that night, we've only been closer. Inseparable.
Yeah, we got in a lot of trouble for what we did that night. More so Jungkook than myself, and I still feel regret for only that. But I couldn't stand watching his tears falling like that. I had to take his pain away. I took him away from it, from that house, from that room we stayed so quiet in. His parents were sleeping, they didn't even know I was there. They didn't, until they couldn't find him there either. We climbed out of his bedroom window, down the side of his two story home and ran to the road like we were criminals escaping a prison. I heard him laughing behind me and I spun around like a mad woman, trying to catch the smile after all of those tears. Just like a rainbow after the rain had stopped, it was beautiful. I stretched out my hand, and even in his drunken, hysterical mind he grabbed onto me. I led him behind me, destination in mind.
I wanted to take him to the fountain, in the center of the town. It was always so pretty at night, I figured that the gleaming lights would ease his thoughts. We didn't make it very far though. I felt a tug on my hand, pulling me back until I was facing Jungkook. His smile was still shining with the stars. I felt my heart start to beat out of sync, like it was more confused than my brain. It was slow, but hard, at first. And than it was pounding in my chest. I'm pretty sure it was then, at that moment when his eyes were glossy from all of the tears he'd cried and his lips were as stretched into a miraculous grin as they possibly could be, that I knew I'd fallen in love with Jungkook.
I shake my head, pushing away the thoughts of the past as my fingers grip the bottle in my hand firmly. I'm not in love with him. I'm not supposed to be, so I'm not. I can't let myself, but all those old memories are already trying to rush back into my mind, cage me up in that time where everything felt like it was okay and we were safe with each other. I want to get back to that with Jungkook. I don't like the way I catch him looking at me sometimes, like there's something he wants to tell me but he can't. I don't know how to make him understand that I'm here for him, I'm with him. There's no judgment. He used to get that. He used to know me like that.
"You sure that one's good?" He mutters from behind me as I reach the counter. The cashier smiles at me and cocks her head to the side a little. I know she's going to ask me, my hand is already in my pocket. "Any I.D.?" I can hear in her voice how much she's judging me right now. I know I look like I'm twelve, Jungkook doesn't look any better as a matter of fact, at least in the face. I hand her over my card.
"Both of you." She chuckles. I smile quickly at her lighthearted demeanor and turn to shoot Jungkook a pointed look. He reaches over my shoulder, card ready because he already knows. We've been through this before a couple of times. I feel his chest against my back, so warm I feel myself yearning to lean back into him. I stop myself, brain taking control thank God and I lean myself against the counter instead. My heart skips a beat. The simplest touch and this stupid heart thinks it's something special. This is how it always is. I repeat the words in my head, Not in love, not in love.
The woman smiles politely, muttering something about our young appearances as she hands our cards back to us. I shove it back into my pocket, not really listening. Jungkook steps beside me to reach for the bag she's handing over now and he grins back at her as he takes it, nodding his head and biding her a good night. A tiny smile tries to push it's way onto my lips, but I force it down.
We get to my car, a rickety little thing I didn't have to pay much for. It holds up for what it looks like, light blue with some paint chipped off here and there, so I'm thankful for the transportation, especially on a night like this where walking wouldn't be a safe option. I start the engine as Jungkook places the bag in the trunk. He opens the passenger side door and slides himself into the low seat, grumbling the whole way down. I know what he's going to say already.
"I hate your car." He mumbles, ducking his head down to not hit it against the side of the car. "I'm too tall to do this anymore."
I scoff. "Well who told you to get so tall?" I put the car in reverse, looking behind me as I pull out of the parking space. Jungkook chuckles beside me, the sound resonating around the car.
"Whoever it was didn't pass the memo onto you, shorty."
Always with the height. I narrow my eyes at him as I'm switching gears and his face lifts into a smile I haven't seen it what feels like years. My lips instinctively follow the leader and before I know it I'm smiling ear to ear along with him. I turn my head to watch the road as we leave the parking lot to get onto the road. I hear him laugh again and I find myself wishing so badly I could just sit here and watch him.
@Kpossible4250 Lol it's hard sometimes, when you're not supposed to love someone 😁
@Kpossible4250 they just might be, wait and seeeee 😁
@FalseLove thank you! I'm so happy you like it ❀️
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