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Dating Along the Gold Line - Little Tokyo
As promised, I'm sharing my favorite date spots at Little Tokyo (Los Angeles). It is one station away from union station but honestly it took us about 8 minutes to walk to Little Tokyo from the station.


Unless, we have a plan the first place we always visit is the Little Tokyo Village Plaza. There's usually a man performing live music at the center of the shops on the weekends. In the plaza: Stationery: Little Tokyo Lifestyle Store, Hello Kitty Store
Lifestyle Good: Kimono store and other random Japan-themed clothing stores
Food: Mikawaya (Mochi Ice Cream Shop), Sushi & Teri (bento box, rice bowls and udon)
Small Grocery: Nijiya Market


If we feel like staying in the shade we would visit a museum or art gallery exhibit in one of the following:
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)


Cafe Dulce opened a couple years ago. I actually never went there with Mr. P because he was out of state during that time but I've been there a couple of times and the ambience there is perfect for a causal date! Plus, the latte art is beautiful.


If you happen to be at Little Tokyo for lunch, you must stop by Daikokuya. It's the most famous noodle place in town and you won't be disappointed. Warning: the line might be long but it's well worth it.


Last but not least, the other Little Tokyo Plaza is a time-sucker. They house my favorite arcade place which transformed into a bowling lane now with a bunch of other arcades on the side and a karaoke room (if you want to practice singing).
The plaza also carry a lot of franchise like Papa Beard, 鈥楲ette Macarons, Cherry On Top (froyo), and a grocery market that has a bunch of Korean snacks.
That's my list of things to do at Little Tokyo? Has anyone been to the places mentioned?
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@sophiamor Spring and summer is probably yes best time to visit. They actually have an annual tofu festival and cultural day festival during late Spring. I'm not sure if it's still running but it's always fun to try out new things (aka tofu cheesecake) there. lol
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@ShinigamiSan it wouldn't be as awesome as the real thing, but it's fun to visit!
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@cindystran Lol I was kinda asking my gf... sorry. 馃槄 It would be fun to go though.
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@ShinigamiSan LOL. I totally meant to encourage you guys to go. hahaha :)
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@cindystran Oh ok. Yeah, it seems she hasn't seen this card yet... @mymi I wanna take you here!
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