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Alright I am about to reveal one of my most magical secrets. I do not use foundation daily only on Sundays to be exact because I feel my face can't breathe. I discovered this powder a year ago and have used it mon-saturday ever since. -super light yet has amazing coverage - matte so my face will not look oily especially at work -has special ingredients to help with breakouts so you can even fall asleep with it (not that I do) -multiple shades -you can even wear it under your foundation to help maintain it on I honestly love it and wear it daily because not only does it cover my imperfections up but helps my breakouts. Best of all it is only like $6 at walmart or walgreens. There is also a facial soap but I personally only use cover up powder.
sounds good. I'll give it a try
that's awesome!!! I like to skip foundation days too but usually I just end up wearing it. I don't usually wear powder too though
producto de Mexico!! 😊