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YG finally confirms that the rumors are actually true! read the official statement yourself!

what??? fans are not excited about this at all!! I mean, yes they will make a comeback around summer but the maknae will no longer be there! what you guys think about this?

I feel like a part of my heart has been ripped away... I seriously hope that Minzy changes her mind, cause 2NE1 won't be 2ne1 without her, they'll just be a sub-unit
@Ticasensei I guess I'm just still grasping at the faint hope that she will somehow change her mind and run back to YG and 2ne1
@MattK95 YG said that today the contract ended and that Minzi was the only one that did not reinstated her contract. I feel you! things won't be the same
This is how I feel right now... https://www.instagram.com/p/BDz5rtxhfel/
I just don't know... I know that where ever she goes in life she will continue to be flawless and shine! This just hit the soft spot, though 馃槩馃挃