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For those of you guys that haven't seen the game last night...the NCAA Finals between Villanova and UNC, just check out this short clip capturing the last few minutes of the game.

You won't regret it.

PS: Yes, that is Michael Jordan at the game supporting his alma mater.
That game-tying three pointer by Marcus Paige of UNC was probably one of the greatest three pointers of all time. You can see so much athleticism in that picture alone. But then, it would soon be overshadowed by Villanova's Kris Jenkins tie-breaking three pointer at the buzzer.

But that doesn't mean people are going to forget this incredible jump shot by Paige.

A shot at winning the national championship doesn't come to often in one's lifetime. So I understand how difficult it must have been for the UNC players and especially for Marcus Paige. And even though Villanova should be congratulated and be put on the spotlight for their incredible run to winning the championship, I think the UNC players also deserve some attention and respect for their journey to the finals and fighting till the very last second to put on an incredible game for us basketball fans.
Well, thanks to all the college basketball players all over the nation for an incredible March and a little bit of April! Can't wait to see you again next year!
That was an incredible game from start to finish. Props to both teams for playing their hearts out and showing up at the right time.
@DavidGom Haha I've already seen a lot of them today
Well we are going to see a shit ton of more crying MJ memes
@KyleBerke I know....and I think it speaks more to us as fans because these are amateur players. They're really playing the game because they love it ya know?