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My heart just broke
Minzy. . . . your debuted at such a young age it's sad and difficult to see you leave 2NE1. People basically watched you grow up Your an adult now and we Blackjack's know you can make your own decisions. We will miss you so so so so much. Where ever you go or which ever company you decide to join, and the career you decide to pursue, just know WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU SARANGHEYO MINZY
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I'm so angry at the comments towards her on Instagram, I get blackjacks are sad, I was when Jessica left but we need to send her messages of love and support. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision for her to make and we, as fans need to support her. not send messages telling her that she's a traitor, telling CL and Dara to make her come back, saying its CL's fault, or saying "MINZY GO BACK TO 2NE1 WHY DID YOU LEAVE US!!!" I totally get how it feels, I'm a fan of a ton of groups that have had members leave. Some of which where my biases but that doesn't mean we should harass them back into the group. I'm sorry, I've just been seeing so many rude and selfish comments on instagram and I wish people would send her words of encouragement instead of rude comments. (I don't mean we shouldn't be sad, I just mean don't harass the poor girl on instagram)
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netizens and fans can be so brutal sometimes .. I know it's sad that she left but she had her reasons I'm sure and as true fans, we should be supportive and wish her luck on her ventures .. so all those rude people on socal media hating on her and other members from groups that have done the same should just grow up and act right .. as a true fan
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This is what happens when companies dont utilize talent they already have. I wish her the best and look forward in the journey she'll embark. #minzyfighting #blackjackfighting
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OMG NOOOO it's never gonna be the same. I hope she happy with whatever she is doing but I'm honestly going to miss her they were the first group to get me into Kpop.
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its a sad day in kpop world. i wish her the best!!
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