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"The project is about how our definitions of friendship change and grow or wane because of the Internet. I’m using Facebook as a vehicle to explore relationships, culture, Americana, and most importantly, portraiture in the 21st century. What started as a personal documentary on friendship and environmental portraiture has turned into an exploration of American culture and community building both on- and off-line. I have found with a little bit of effort, a tenuous online relationship can turn into a close friendship'.—Tanja Hollander In the end of Feb, 2011, after thinking a lot about friendship and relationship between her and her friends in this Social media era. She decided to go on a project to find out the answer. She is going to meet all of her friends in their homes and make their formal portraits. She made a conscious decision to travel lightly and unobtrusively, with a digital point-and-shoot, a film camera, and a tripod, and to shoot in each home with only available light.
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a really nice project in this social media world.