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Haiiiii Everyone! So I am back with the next part of the Ikon Game! This time, all of this story is my doing so hopefully you love it! I'm sorry it took until this time for me to post but I have been super busy with stuff here at home. Enjoy Part 5! ♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧

Words to Know:

(Y/S/N)-Your Stage Name 'Pick your own Stage Name (TeaseBoy)=#3 Guy from last game who you secretly desire, teased and pleasured you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Get to know Ikon: Link☞

Past Game Links:

Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Last Part ended up with (TeaseBoy) being naughty with you. He ended up leaving you out of breath and wanting more of him.
[The next day] You woke up very sore from what happened last night. Your mind went back to what happened with (TeaseBoy). His face so close to yours, his breathe that made your skin crawl with excitement, his lips touching your skin, but the one thing that you remembered and loved the most was his hands touching your body. Now that just made you want more of him, but you couldn’t….he was your kidnapper, how can you want him… Your head started to hurt just thinking about it so you decided to lay back down. After a few minutes gone by, you heard someone heading towards the door where you were. The door opens and you see.. *Pic below*
[#1. The guy you see by the door] 'make sure its not TeaseBoy' He comes in with a smile and a plate of food for you. He just placed it on the floor next to you. "Hi Y/S/N, I see that you did eat last night. Must have been very hungry then. I'm happy to see that you did eat." In your mind all you can think of was: Yeah, I sure as hell ate…I mean after what [TeaseBoy] did to me last night, I had to do something before my mind went insane. I ended up eating so my hormones would go away. "Thanks (#1 guy), I did eat. I got very, Uh hungry last night" You responded back to him Soon after that, someone else came to the room *Pic Below*
[#2. This guy was who came soon after] 'make sure its not same as #1 guy or TeaseBoy' He came in with a big smile and your drink. "Hope your up for eating this time Y/S/N" he says "Yeah, I am. I was just telling (#1 guy) that I am going to eat." You responded back to him Once you started eating the food they brought you, everyone else soon joined in…at least that’s what you thought. You looked to see if [TeaseBoy] was among them but he was nowhere with them. You didn’t know why you felt a sharp pain all of a sudden after figuring out he was not there. While the boys kept talking amongst themselves, you just sat there on the floor eating and watching every single one of them. Then you started thinking.. I wonder how I'm going to get out of here. I need to start thinking of a way. Think Y/S/N think. You looked at every inch of the place to see if their was a way on getting out of here, the floors, the walls, the window, the ceiling, but you saw nothing. Then it hit you…Maybe you can seduce one of the boys into thinking your into them. He may fall in love with you and end up being careless. The thing was, who was going to be your target..
[#3. This guy was your target] 'make sure its not TeaseBoy' After figuring out who your target was, you started to plan what you were gonna do. "Y/S/N, are you feeling okay, you seem lost in thought" One of the boys said to you with worry in his face
[#4. This guy was who was worried] 'Make sure its not TeaseBoy' "I'm fine, just tired and sore" You responded Everyone just stared at you. You started to feel uncomfortable. "Why is everyone so quiet and staring at y/s/n" Your heart stopped for a moment because you heard his voice. You looked at the doorway but you couldn’t really see him since the bright light was on him and you can only make out the shadow form. He started coming towards the group and you could finally see him. Your hormones were acting up already, making you want to touch him. No. More like, you wanted him to touch you again. He just looked at you. Not speaking to you but just giving you that intense stare he gave you before. (#3 guy) broke the silence and spoke up "Well, we were talking for a while but then we didn’t know what to talk about so we just stayed quiet. We hoped she would say something but apparently she's just tired and sore to do so" He said "Sore? Why are you sore y/s/n" (TeaseBoy) said to you with a smirk Is he seriously asking me that question right now? Is he trying to see if I was going to say it in front of his members? Okay, Fine, 2 can play that game then. "I don’t know, you tell me" you say back to him His smirk left his face after your response to him. That's right, I got you. The rest of the members looked puzzled. They were going back and forth looking at you and him. You could tell (TeaseBoy) wasn’t happy. He had a face that looked like he was going to get you. That excited you for some odd reason. The way he was standing leaning against the wall just staring at you made you want to get up and make out with him so hard. Everyone else decided to leave since they all started to get hungry. You then remembered your plan on seducing one of the members. "WAIT (#3 guy/your target)" You yell out before he was out the door He turned around to look at you with a confused look. Not only did you get (#3 guy's) attention but you also saw that (TeaseBoy) was looking at you both. You looked at (TeaseBoy) and noticed his reaction. "Um, (#3 guy/your target), Can you do me a big favor?" You say to him "Sure y/s/n, what is it?" He replies "Can you..", you looked over at (TeaseBoy) "Can you see what I have in my eye? It's been bugging me all day and I don’t know what went inside? You say to him "Of course, let me see" He comes up to you, touches your face and looked at your eye to see if their was anything. You glanced over at (TeaseBoy) and noticed that he seemed angry. Apparently he doesn’t like what's going on right now….excellent. You thought to yourself "I don’t see anything in your eye y/s/n" (#3 guy) said But yet, he didn’t pull away from your face. He stood their looking at you. You could feel his hot breath on your cheek. You didn’t feel anything though. Not like how you felt when (TeaseBoy) was that close to you. He was getting closer to your lips to kiss you but.. "Hey (#3 Guy)" (TeaseBoy) says You hid a big smirk on your face because NOW you know that he didn’t like what was about to happen. (#3 Guy) turned around frustrated that he was interrupted. He turned to (TeaseBoy) and
[What #3 guy did] But no matter what he did, (TeaseBoy) told him that he was needed upstairs to eat and that he should leave now. You saw the attitude he gave (#3 guy) and it terrified but excited you. (#3 guy) apologized to him for bursting out on him and started to walk upstairs to take advantage of their being food since he didn’t like making food himself. (TeaseBoy) forgave him for his actions towards him and said that he will be up in a moment. He needed to talk to y/s/n real quick. He nodded his head and left, leaving you and (TeaseBoy) alone. He scratched his head and massaged the back of his neck. His back was facing you so you didn’t know what his expression was. You stood up since you got tired of sitting down. Your back hitting the wall waiting to see what was going to happen. After a few minutes, he turns around and looks at you. Both of his hands on his hips. You felt your insides start burning when he bit his lip. "You've been a very naughty girl y/s/n" He says with an intense look He then started walking towards you. Your heart started beating faster by the way he was moving towards you. As he got in front of you, his whole body pressed to yours. Now your hormones were on fire. He grabbed your hair so tight pulling it back, you couldn’t help but let out a groan. Then, you felt his hot breath by your ear as you hear him say "Now your gonna get it Y/S/N" To Be Continued....
Woa oh, Whats gonna happen to Y/S/N! ;)

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can we pray? Because lawd knows I'm not ready for.the next.chapter, someone help me haha
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oh no!!! is chanwoo going to cause trouble again?! or is it someone else now?! @jessicaaccosta90 the suspense is killing me !!!
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