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Photographer Dahée Zoé- was born to keep you beautiful. Photographer since 2011. Fashion & Wedding photographer. Lovable and sweet photo http://www.vingle.net/daheezoe Follow her here ! :)
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I did follow her now inere !!
4 years ago·Reply
Oh my god, I was so surprised to see my photos which I didn't upload! Thank you so much :)
4 years ago·Reply
Well I should be sorry for uploading ur photos without ur permission . Anyway hope that you would help more followers ! And u should upload more photos. ;) u have only few cards in ur collection . If u have any question regarding it . Let me know ;)
4 years ago·Reply
hello I like your photos.Im a big fan of photography particularly nature
4 years ago·Reply
me too ! I did follow her collection !! so nice photos she has there :)
4 years ago·Reply