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I was thinking about the idea that you should never let the ones you love get away.

Fight for true love.

Trust your heart.

But what if there are cases when you should definitely let that person go?

1. When they do not respect you.

If you're constantly fighting for respect, being cast aside, or being made to feel like you're worth less than you really are, you need to reevaluate. There are people who can change with help and conversation, but if you're loving someone who doesn't treat you the way you deserve, its time to find someone who does.

2. When they put others before you.

Now, you aren't the center of the universe, so I don't mean you have to be the first person on their mind ALL the time, but when they are consistently choosing to be with people other than you when you need help or just want to see them, perhaps they're sending you a message.

3. You are trying to change them.

We've all seen the movies. The good girl teaches the bad boy to behave and they live happily ever after. In the real world, some people just don't change. Of course there are people who can mature and grow with you, but if you're trying to make this person someone they just don't want to be, move on.

4. You love the idea of them.

We create these ideas of people in our head all the time. Maybe you're smitten for the boy in class you've never really talked to but you know his social media like the back of your hand. You've built this fantasy person around a stranger, and thats dangerous. Be sure that who you love is really the person in front of you.

Have you ever let go of something (even an idea or a goal) and found out it worked for the better?

this card really deep to me. actually, it's true that you need to fight for your true love but from my experience, you can't control everything , we been forced to let our love go. now I do understand, true love doesn't always mean to be together. we don't have choice, if we win, many people around us will suffer. I don't want to be selfish. love need for sacrifice. The truth is , sometimes you can't get everything you want in your life even your true love.
I think the idea of healthy love is an important one. Some relationships can have really incredibly strong attraction and love, but be extremely unhealthy. It takes a lot of strength and awareness to know the differences between a love that's healthy and one that isn't.
I sometimes miss what I had to let go, but in the end it's only going to better myself in the future
@Alcides13 @Dynamo @arnelli Thank you! and yes its one of the hardest things you can ever do :/
This is probably my favorite card on Vingle right now. You understand this concept (most likely due to experience) and you describe it way better than I could have been thought of. Thank you for this
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