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1) Bangkok -> Ayutthaya (ruins, historical interest) 2) Ayutthaya -> Sukhothai (via Phitsanulok) (ruins, historical interest) 3) Sukhothai -> Chiang Mai (trekking centre, temples) 4) Chiang Mai -> Chiang Khong (riverside town, day trips, crossing to Laos) 5) Chiang Khong -> Huay Xai (riverside town) 6) Huay Xai -> Pakbeng (riverside town, half-way point to Luang Prabang) 7) Pakbeng -> Luang Prabang (temples, riverside town, scenic) 8) Luang Prabang -> Vang Vieng (scenic, backpacker scene) 9) Vang Vieng -> Vientiane (capital city, temples, riverside city) 10) Vientiane -> Tha Khaek (riverside town, caves, scenic) 11) Tha Khaek -> Savannakhet (riverside town, national parks, colonial architecture) 12) Savannakhet -> Pakse (riverside town, daytrips) 13) Pakse -> Champasak (ruins) 14) Champasak -> Four Thousand Islands - Don Khong, Don Dhet & Don Khon (scenic, waterfalls, backpacker scene) 15) Four Thousand Islands -> Kratie (riverside town, dolphins) 16) Kratie -> Phnom Penh (capital city, colonial architecture, scenic) 17) Phnom Penh -> Siem Reap (Angkor Wat, backpacker scene) 18) Siem Reap -> Battambang (riverside town, rural daytrips, ruins) 19) Battambang -> Phnom Penh 20) Phnom Penh -> Saigon (museums, nightlife, daytrips) 21) Saigon -> Mui Ne (beaches, sand dunes) 22) Mui Ne -> Nha Trang (beaches, boat trips) 23) Nha Trang -> Hoi An (riverside town, shopping, tailoring) 24) Hoi An -> Hue (Imperial capital, temples, trips to DMZ) 25) Hue -> Hanoi (capital city, colonial architecture, shopping) 26) Hanoi -> Ha Long Bay (stunning scenery) 27) Hanoi -> Sapa (trekking, minority groups, scenic) Save some time Aside from knocking off destinations, the best way to save time it to fly some of the legs. One day: Skip any one town Take a side trip
thanks for the tip mate ! i definitely i am going to put that in my list for my upcoming traveling in Thailand :)
Pai in northern thailaind (around 3 hours away from Chiang Mai) can't be missed. Everyone I know planned to stay there for 2 days but couldn't leave for at least 10.
I would love to do that route soemday. As i Know a lot of european come do the same route like this when they visit South East Asia
Wow, taht is a nice travel route !