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No but seriously I woke up to my notification to see a teaser of a song that J.Y.Park is releasing!!!
I literally woke up at 2am just to see him drink and eat lol what has my life come to??? But I already know this song is going to slay!
So I cant wait in till "Still Alive" comes out on April 10!!! Let's support him! And because I was already awake I made the following meme I hope you enjoy.
sometimes people just don't get when you don't want to talk to them!
lol J.Y.Park just gets me!!!
Seriously JYPE needs to calm down all these release will be the death of me. I'm still not over GOT7 Just right video, heck I haven't even processed the fact that the Mad era happened then they hit me with FLY and now J.Y.Park is throwing a song at me??? Like I need some air!!! I don't even have money to afford that life alert I desperately need lol
Here is the teaser. And let me just say what is up with the Mustache???
LOL is he going to compete with TWICE at shows?! HAHAHAHA
@kpopandkimchi I dont know if he will be doing shows lol but I guess