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This my friend, is a good product design.

Russian product designer Nikita Konkin came up with a genius concept to make purchasing pasta much more amusing. The design consists of a box with a cut-out silhouette of a women, where different pasta are transformed to beautiful hairstyles.
My Thoughts:
1. I wonder if the designer was inspired by "angel hair" pasta.
2. Despite the clean minimal appearance, the designer is really meticulous. Look at the different necklace on each illustration!
3. Typography looks playful and something you would see from a cute cafe.
4. It will surely stand out from the stack of traditionally designed pasta packages.

I LOVE super unique package design. I'm one of those people that always gets drawn to the prettiest bottles and jars on the shelf, and this box is definitely no different.
@danidee yes! I'm also a sucker for those!