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Annnddd, Kanye and Kim K really named their baby daughter, North, (you can call her Nori for short lol) Okay, she's not a "K" so that's plus I guess.. But man NORTH!! Seriously?? lol
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this is probably like the most ridiciulous name evaaaaa LOL shes gunna be picked on forevaaaaaa
@kristenadams poor baby North.. lol it's good they're filthy rich
That name is probably the weirdest name I ever heard. People would make so much fun of her....because her first and last name both are directions....
I agree @roselee89 but it helps if your parents are very wealthy and very famous, kids will probably kinder lols
@roselee89 @blairwitme they explain that there is nothing more north than North?? huh? lol