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YG better get their ish together..... I'm upset.... I just don't see 2NE1 as a 3 member group....
honestly I do t blame her. I would have exploded left long before
When I first got into kpop and saw that that there more than one person in a group I always thought they were going to stay forever, until I got into exo and Tao left and I was sad, but not hurt since I barley just started to get into them and at the same time as other groups. I wasn't there since the beginning of 2ne1, but I was really excited for the next comeback whenever that was going to be, however knowing that Minzy is leaving really breaks my heart, but no matter what I will support her no matter what.
😭😭😭😭😭😭 I will still support Minzy and 2NE1! I wonder what happened for her to take off? I don't keep up. I know I'm a bad fan like that.
she was my bias 😣 for real. why r u leaving me!!!