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If you've heard any news lately. You'd know that rumors are going around about Minzy leaving 2ne1 and that 2ne1 are gonna disband soon.
Sadly regarding Minzy, YG made a statement as of April 5 saying that Minzy has chosen to not renew her contract with YG.

We'll miss you Minzy!

However the rest of the members have chosen to renew their contract. During the statement YG made, they said that we should expect a comeback some time in the summer. Hopefully this means that CL will soon fully debut into America.

I wish Minzy good luck on the route she has taken in her life. I hope she stays in contact with 2ne1. I wish that 2ne1 has many years to come as 2ne1. Good luck girls. I support you on any route you take!!

Im hoping that after their comeback. People will care about 2ne1 as a whole instead of just caring about their bias. @minimanim3
i feel bad for 2ne1. after that whole park bom drug scandal no one really cares about them anymore and the only member thats really getting attention is CL
2ne1is coming back in the summer but has 3