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So today well yesterday I was listening to Kpop music when someone heard it and asked why I liked Kpop when I don't understand it? I said it doesn't matter the language barrier but if you like it you like it you know. So I thought I would show them a music video of BTS.
That's basically how they looked when I showed them the music even other groups.
So then they asked the most questioned possibly asked when watching a Kpop video -_- "Is that a girl or a boy?" No my friend it's a boy (face palms)
So after watching the music video they say yeah I don't like listening to Chinese music. Ugh! I said countless times K-O-R-E-A-N music. What do you mean the K means? Chinese music? Oh yeah that's why there's a C in K-pop
But after me talking about different Korean groups and showing videos and pics. I had caught them liking it (evil grinning)
Yup it's exactly what I'm doing when they start liking Kpop. Secretly pulling them deeper into Kpop!
So now let's go on to class now. So I was listening to Kpop and I guess my music was playing a bit too loud and this girl taps my shoulder and she goes you like Kpop? And of course I'm excited that I have someone who likes Kpop too! Until.......
I ask them who they like listening to and they say Psy -_- then I look them expecting more but they stay quite so I ask "is that it any other ones you like to listen?" And they answer with a "nope that's pretty much it"
So now that happened . One time I was at the mall and I remember I was buying something like where cute decorations you can put in your room and I herd a Kpop song playing! At first I thought it was just me thinking of a Kpop song until I heard it a bit louder and that's when I realized the mall was playing a Kpop song and it was Big Bang- fantastic baby so I was smiling like a idiot cause I didn't expect to hear a Kpop song in the mall of all places.
Yea that was my reaction when I heard being played in the mall!
Lol I just had to >.< that's how I am when going to school!
So when my teacher gives a quiz or a test even when I'm taking an exam this always happens! But when I'm trying to focus at least a Kpop song would start playing and I'm like "No! Not now!!"
Yea and same here I don't even know why!
And now for the last one! All international fans have these problems!!! And this is how they act when we do get English subs!!
What a beautiful thing ! Now we can understand what our favorite band or bias is saying 😭😁
And this is how I feel when my bias is going out with someone! I'm not being mean I do think that it's alright for them to go out with people but hey who can help for saying "Nooo I wish that was me or no that's my man" lol its okay your not alone
Yea of when you ship ppl from your favorite group and you see someone trying to break them and other ship names forming and your like "Nooo! VKook forever or MARKSON for life!" Yea we understand! 😭 Hey I'm a VKook and MARKSON shipper all the way ! Well that's all I just wanted to talk about that!
I squealed when they played CL's Menboong (MTBD) and TOP's Doom Dada on the show Lucifer and now they say it the sings will be on the Soundtrack for the show eeeeek!!!!
Lol @ibMiMi don't we all when we hear Kpop music in public πŸ˜‚ I do I have listen carefully just to make sure my ears are working right
These are awesome! I was at comic con last weekend and I flipped when I heard Super Junior's Acha playingXD
I love these! But I get so annoyed when people ask that like why is it such a big deal we like kpop >_>. Anyway these are great love it πŸ’—πŸ’—
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