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I will be posting stuff on and about echhi anime and manga and some sites and apps that I like to use to find manga, first things first
I recommend getting Crunchy roll on your phones and other electronics, it is like netflix but it is manly nothing but anime, u can buy a membership to get no ads and if u don't want to be a member, u get ads, it's plain that simple
and please if you want to be a mod, there is only room for one, message @CreeTheOtaku for the slice of life manga mod, he has some rules so you must abide by them, I hope to bring great things for the nakama community and for your enjoyment
@CreeTheOtaku trust me, I'd get kicked out of the community if I posted hentai
@InVinsybll trust me, you ain't gonna see no hentai XD if I post anything that is hentai, my ass is grass
lol I like your initiative, just remember the fine line between ecchi and hentai!
ouo you won't post hentai, RIGHT??