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{NC} Day 4: Older Anime I Love

I'll be honest, I've only been super into anime for a few years, so I haven't delved much into older anime. I mean, I remember watching Toonami when I was little and loving Pokemon and Sailor Moon and stuff, but I don't actually remember anything about them. I considered showcasing DBZ for this, but I haven't actually watched hardly any of the actual anime, just TFS's DBZA.
So I'm gonna go with Cowboy Bebop for this. This anime way released in 1998, and anyone will tell you it's awesome. Even though this is a more recent watch for me, I don't remember it very much with my goldfish brain (just an opportunity to rewatch! XD), but I do remember loving Edward and Ein!
If you wanna get in on the Nakama Campfire fun, HERE's the original card from our fearless leader, @InVinsybll Also tagging @NikolasSatterwh
@OtakuDemon10 I featured Cowboy Bebop too!!*HIGH FIVE* great minds think a like. and gasp! @InVinsybll did you read my little "get out, we will wait" message for those of you whom haven't seen it!? and your the moderator and everything *tsk tsk* lol I'm messing man but a watch party would be awesome demon and then we'd make sure this guy gets it watched
@OtakuDemon10 I'm 100% on board for that
Bebop is one of those anime that are super important to the whole medium. one that every anime fan should watch. (which is why I need to watch it, cause I still haven't yet >.<)
@OtakuDemon10 I understand, be sure to tag me when you do I'm so in
@SAMURXAI I'm waiting till my life calms down a little (end of the semester and all), then I think I'll post a watch party proposal for this!
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