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For a long time, I hated the size that hugged my thighs and and fat @$$. Although sometimes my body would be the envy of many, I was embarrassed by my curves. When I was just in the 5th grade, my breasts were already a B-cup. By the time I reached middle school, I was hiding a heavy D-cup under layers of clothing during the summer hell. I was also wearing a size 9 pants, and I was fairly thin, but my thighs and booty were insanely large.
I think it was more-so the attention that I received at a very young age, that made me uncomfortable with my large breasts, booty, and thighs. I wanted to be perceived as the cute girl next door, not the girl who got yelled "you gotta fat ass!" by men who were twice my age.
At 11 years old I was already being street harassed. And it was terrifying. When I was 15 years old waiting for the bus, and old man fumbled around in his pants, grunting, finishing while he stared at my large bust that was fully covered in a uniform.

It took me many years to finally love my body. It wasn't that I hated my body, but I hated the gross response I received from it.

Two things have changed since I was a kid:

1 - I now love my curves
2 - I have learned to be VERY vocal toward disrespectful men
i need to work on that lol
Yayyyy! Self love is the best love!